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Technology Takes Over the Front of House

Sysco's all-in-one CAKE point-of-sale system takes the guesswork out of guest work.

  • June 28, 2019

From taking reservations and creating waitlists to seating guests and ensuring order accuracy, managing front-of-house operations is a true juggling act. Technology that can help streamline processes and integrate workflows can go a long way toward creating a smoother dining experience for staff and customers alike.

Recent advances in tech have enabled time- and money-saving solutions, whether adding online reservations or allowing guests to make them through a third-party system. Some apps let diners “get in line” or even order before they arrive at the host stand, while others enable managers to send preshift emails to communicate important daily updates to employees.

One way restaurants can revolutionize their front of house is through CAKE from Sysco, an all-in-one point-of-sale system with two flagship products: Point of Sale (POS) and Guest Manager.

CAKE offers customizable solutions for quick-service and full-service restaurants. For quick-service restaurants, CAKE includes a 7-inch customer touch display on the back of the POS. “Customers can see what they ordered, they can see their total, leave a tip and sign by finger, which increases the speed of service,” says Liz Ivey, Director of Marketing for Sysco Labs. While full-service restaurants can take advantage of CAKE’s iPad-based OrderPad, a mobile POS that also accepts payments.

“Being able to take an order table-side increases not only efficiency but also order accuracy by sending orders directly to the kitchen,” Ivey says.

Table Service

Meanwhile, CAKE’s Guest Manager makes life at the host stand easier. Customers can make reservations using Google or the restaurant’s website. Guests then receive a text when their table is ready, eliminating the need for clunky buzzers and allowing them the freedom to leave the restaurant. Guest Manager also automatically creates a guest profile, which can capture information such as birthdays and anniversaries as well as customer preferences. “The idea is that we are enabling restaurants to be able to provide a more customized, VIP service for their guests,” Ivey says.

When it comes to CAKE and other front-of-house technologies, efficiency is the watchword. By using forward-thinking products and platforms, restaurants can create an improved dining experience for customers and streamline operations.

Ask your Marketing Associate about a free demonstration of CAKE for your restaurant.