Plant Based Protein

Sysco Simply Plant Based Protein (Pulled Oats™)

Use this versatile vegan oat protein across your menu

With the simplest ingredient line in the plant-based category, Sysco Simply Plant Based Protein (Pulled Oats™) is made of a flavorful superfood blend of oats, beans, and peas that has a “pulled” texture. Suitable for any customer from vegans to meat lovers, this product will satisfy diners looking for natural, clean-label products that taste great, too! Beyond being an efficient meat replacement in any dish, this 100% animal-free product is extremely versatile across the menu. It also comes pre-cooked to save your operation valuable time in the back-of-house.

  • On Trend

    78.4% of the top foodie influencers mentioned vegan menus, which is a 309% increase year over year*
    70% of the world population reportedly is either reducing meat consumption or leaving meat off the table altogether**

  • Versatile

    Market to your customers that you offer a 100% plant-based, clean-label product that is soy-free and contains no additives
    Meets increased demand for plant-based menu items
    Labor-saving product; comes pre-cooked and ready-to-prepare
    Extremely versatile, allows operators to create unique plant-based dishes that can span the menu in any daypart.

    *Foodable Labs

Simple Facts

  • Vegan
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