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Baker’s Source Imperial Biscuit Mashups

Two breakfast favorites, one delicious result.

  • September 19, 2018

Enhance your all-day breakfast offerings with Baker’s Source Imperial Biscuit Mashups. Trending flavors combine with a classic, tried-and-true breakfast favorite in this new nontraditional biscuit build. Versatile across the menu from stand-alone offerings to unique sandwich carriers, this mashup format adds bold flavor and comforting texture to any sweet or savory offering. Deliver premium, quality dishes made with Biscuit Mashups in two consumer-preferred flavors: Buttermilk Waffle Biscuit and French Toast Biscuit (available at select OpCos).

Biscuit Mashups grill nicely and hold substantial fillings, delivering a unique eating experience that conveys a fresh-baked, homemade feel. It comes in a prebaked and ready-split format that offers consistency as well as time and labor saving. Also, its thaw-and-bake convenience allows you to bake only what you need with no waste.

Here are some menu ideas to incorporate Baker’s Source Imperial Biscuit Mashups in your menu today:

  1. Crispy Korean Chicken Sandwich: Korean-inspired fried chicken, Asian vegetable slaw, and gochujang mayonnaise on a sweet and savory biscuit
  2. Waffle Biscuit Lobster Roll: Lobster salad with dill, celery and mayonnaise on a sweet waffle biscuit served with melted butter and chives
  3. Biscuit Ice Cream Sandwich: Vanilla ice cream served in a deep-fried sweet and savory biscuit coated in cinnamon-sugar

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