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Sysco Classic Brown Butter Cakes

Dessert time just became sweeter.

  • February 12, 2019

Our latest innovative indulgence, Sysco Classic Brown Butter Cakes, are individual-sized, thaw-and-serve treats made with brown butter cake and real cream cheese, resulting in a unique dessert that can be served across all dayparts or in catering applications. These distinct cakes are designed to be eaten warm for a rich dessert experience that has endless customization opportunities and can be served as a perfect base for sundaes, upscale shortcake desserts and other on-trend creations that will drive dessert sales.

Sysco Classic Brown Butter cakes come in 36-count packages—with three trays of 12 each—making it easy for operators to portion out what they need to minimize product loss.

Here are some menu ideas to incorporate Sysco Classic Brown Butter Cakes in your dessert menu today:

  1. Mango-Blueberry Caramel Brown Butter Cake: Brown butter cake topped with fresh mango and blueberries, vanilla whipped cream, sweet caramel sauce and mint garnish
  2. Citrus Bomb Brown Butter Cake: Nutty brown butter cake with roasted ruby red grapefruit and orange slices, lemon mascarpone whipped cream, candied citrus peels and fresh mint
  3. Bacon-Cherry-Banana Brown Butter Cake: Moist brown butter cake topped with candied bacon, tart cherry-maple sauce, toasted coconut walnut crumble, shaved chocolate and fresh banana slices
  4. Mexican Brown Butter Caramel Cake: Rich brown butter cake topped with goat milk caramel-swirl ice cream, crispy cinnamon chicharrones de harina, tropical fruit trio and lime zest

Sysco’s Cutting Edge Solutions provide new and innovative products to help you refresh your menu, drive repeat business and streamline back-of-house operations. Contact your local Sysco Marketing Associate today for more details.

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