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Earth Plus™ Caterware

Eco-friendly solutions for your catering, takeout and delivery needs.

  • September 19, 2018

Introducing Earth Plus™ Caterware—a line of eco-friendly products, including dinnerware, serving trays and serving utensils. Meet the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly, polystyrene alternatives with an attractive, proprietary blend of material that’s both flexible and durable enough for regular dining service, takeout, delivery and catering applications. Earth Plus™ Caterware is the perfect solution, as it addresses the need for a more sustainable disposable servingware option with the strength and performance caterers expect.

Our eco-friendly products use 20 percent less plastic and can reduce your carbon footprint by 50 percent compared to their polystyrene counterparts. They are also made to withstand heavy food applications, are resistant to cutting and spillage and are resistant to grease sink-throughs.

Earth Plus™ Caterware products are microwavable and can withstand temperatures up to 220°F and are GreenCircle certified, FDA compliant and made in the USA.

Earth Plus™ Caterware is available in the following products:

  • 12″ Round Tray and Lid Combo (available at select OpCos) 7053966
  • 16″ Round Tray and Lid Combo 7053968
  • 18″ Round Tray and Lid Combo 7053969
  • 9″ Serving Spoon Black (available at select OpCos) 7053970
  • 9″ Serving Tong Black 7053971
  • 6″ Black Plate 7053958
  • 9″ Black Plate (available at select OpCos) 7053959

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