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Portico Classic Wild Alaska Pollock Bites

The most sustainable wild fish on the planet—delivered in snack-size perfection.

  • February 12, 2019

After one bite, you’ll be “hooked” on Portico Classic Wild Alaska Pollock Bites. These mouthwatering, pop-in-your-mouth treats feature a crispy, golden coating and are packed full of flavor. Designed with both convenience and versatility in mind, these bite-sized wonders are perfectly fried in minutes and make a great snack, appetizer, topper or full entrée.

They are available in three on-trend flavors:

Golden Herb Butter: Aromatic Middle Eastern preserved lemon-herb seasoning. Golden turmeric-colored flaky panko coating Deep Skinned Wild Alaska Pollock.

Nashville Hot: Deep Skinned Wild Alaska Pollock coated with bright heat savory seasoning and flour-style coating.

Pub-Style Beer Battered: Deep Skinned Wild Alaska Pollock dusted in savory seasoning and dipped in a malty beer batter.

Here are some menu ideas to incorporate Portico Classic Wild Alaska Pollock Bites in your menu today:

  1. Veracruz Beer-Battered Fish Tostadas: Tostada shells topped with smoky dried chile salsa, crispy fried Beer Battered Wild Alaska Pollock Bites and shaved asparagus, radish and bell pepper salad garnished with chopped peanuts and fresh cilantro
  2. Pan Asian Bao Buns: Fluffy steamed buns stuffed with Beer Battered Wild Alaska Pollock Bites and marinated Asian vegetables, served with Thai chile-ginger mayo and hoisin sauce
  3. Greek-Style Herb Butter Fish Appetizer: Deep-Fried Golden Herb Butter Wild Alaska Pollock Bites topped with creamy lemon-pepper yogurt, rustic tomato-carrot sauce, lemon zest, fresh mint and microgreens
  4. Nashville Hot Crusted Fish & Hushpuppy Waffle Bites: Deep-Fried Nashville Hot Wild Alaska Pollock Bites, pickled red onions and maple-glazed jalapenos served on cornmeal and buttermilk waffle pieces

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