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Sysco Imperial Sous Vide Lamb

Hassle-free lamb.

  • September 23, 2019

Cooked low and slow sous vide-style to a delectable tenderness, Sysco Imperial Sous Vide Lamb is ready to heat and serve in any application from center-of-the-plate to bowls and ethnic-inspired sandwiches. With precise quality and impeccable safety, these items offer consistency in the kitchen, labor savings and easy storage in the freezer. Showcase the versatility of these fork-tender proteins with signature sauces, seasonings and endless menu applications.

Braised Lamb Shoulder: Boneless, whole muscle lamb shoulder that’s simply seasoned with garlic and spices.
Rosemary & Mint Lamb Shanks: Bone-in lamb shanks that are cooked in a savory sauce that draws from the classic lamb pairings of rosemary, mint and spices.

Features & Benefits

  • Time-saving; work has been done for you, product comes pre-cooked sous vide-style
  • Sous vide is a French technique using a temperature-controlled water bath that requires 7 to 10 hours of cooking time to achieve tender, juicy meat
  • Pre-portioning and precision cooking ensure consistent serving sizes and evenly cooked meat
  • Consistent and safe product as cooked under sous vide cooking method in USDA-certified facility
  • Ready-to-prepare product saves time and labor costs
  • Cross-menu product versatility; can be used in multiple applications including center-of-the-plate, bowls, ethnic sandwiches and flatbreads


Get inspired and start incorporating Sysco Imperial Sous Vide Lamb into your menu today:

  1. Rosemary & Stout Lamb Shoulder: Two lamb shoulder pieces braised in a rosemary-stout reduction served with a pan-roasted vegetable medley of baby potatoes, rainbow carrots and onion
  2. Indian-Style Lamb Shanks: Cardamom-spiced rosemary & mint lamb shanks with curry cucumber-tomato salsa and yogurt
  3. Lamb Hand Pies: Crisp, flaky puff pastry hand pies filled with stout braised lamb shoulder, peas, diced carrots and onions
  4. Harvest Lamb Shank: Hard-cider glazed rosemary & mint lamb shank with roasted apple and onion slices and fresh rosemary

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