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Wholesome Farms

A baked potato basted in butter. Carrot cake blanketed by cream-cheese frosting. The best dairy has a creamy flavor and peerless quality. That’s something Sysco’s Wholesome Farms brand delivers—just like the milkman of yesteryear.

Pure Ingredients

Consumers increasingly want to know where their food comes from. They want clean, simple ingredients, too—and fewer artificial or processed foods. Wholesome Farms products are sourced from a trusted community of farmers. Only products that are “honestly dairy”—with milk, cream or egg as the first ingredient—are offered by Wholesome Farms. That means you can be confident you’re using products of exceptional quality. Wholesome Farms Milk goes from the cow to the carton in 72 hours.

Fresh Deliveries

In decades past, many homes had no refrigeration, so a daily delivery from the milkman ensured the dairy could be used without spoilage. That’s not just nostalgia—that’s the standard of quality Wholesome Farms upholds. Sysco’s team of more than 100 quality assurance professionals (the largest in the industry) and its end-to-end refrigeration system mean you can be sure products are delivered fresh and in perfect condition. And with our delivery schedules, you know your products will arrive at your doorstep—via temperature-controlled truck—at the date and time you requested.

Recipe Staple

With an abundance of essential vitamins and minerals, dairy’s health benefits continue to make it a popular choice for patrons over trendy non-dairy alternatives. In fact, dairy consumption is projected to rise an average annual rate of 1.8 percent per person through 2022. Serve a scoop of Wholesome Farms Ice Cream, like French Vanilla, with a slice of warm bread pudding, or blend Wholesome Farms Greek Yogurt into guacamole to give it a creamy twist—and an extra shot of protein to boot.

Delicious Flavor

Wholesome Farms’ products, known by customers for their taste and consistent quality, fit right into any recipe that calls for fresh-from-the-dairy goodness. Building on your patrons’ hunger for back-to-basics ingredients, try serving a house-made condiment—one of this year’s hottest food trends. One idea: a specialty mayonnaise using Wholesome Farms Eggs. Whether you’re making ice cream the star of your dish or using sour cream in a sauce, Wholesome Farms offers the high-quality, pure and fresh dairy products to be used as essentials in your recipes.

Sysco Brand QA Promise

Our Sysco Brand products meet the most exacting standards for safety, reliability and quality. All Sysco brands are backed by the largest Quality Assurance department in the industry.

FRESH new look, SAME great brands

You may notice that our brands look a little different. Driven by our companywide commitment to more sustainable operations, and new FDA regulations on clear and clean labeling, our products’ packaging now features a fresh new look. Rest assured that no matter what changes on the outside, the quality and consistency you’ve come to rely on remain the same.