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The Portico brand consistently delivers quality seafood options to your kitchen. We are committed to offering products that meet operator needs and provide a memorable experience to all guests.

Portico Promise

The expression, “Our word is our bond,” reflects more than just a saying at Portico; it’s how we operate every day. In a world of catchy sales pitches rooted in hope, not fact, Portico stands apart from the crowd.

The trust we’ve built, the reputation we’ve carefully guarded, and the quality of the seafood we serve are all held to our high standards. From how we source our seafood to the way we interact, we say what we mean, and we mean what we say.

  • The net weight that is listed on the label is guaranteed.
  • No cutting corners.
  • What’s on the box is in the box.
  • When we assure our level of quality, we put it in writing.

Our passion for seafood and sourcing with integrity extends to our collaborative partnerships with the men and women who harvest the bounty of our oceans, ensuring quality seafood can be enjoyed by generations to come. We are unrelenting in our pursuit of perfection.

Discover Alaska Seafood

Alaska Seafood Delivers a Sea of Success

There is no time like the present choose seafood from Alaska. From salmon to crab to cod, there’s something perfect for every menu.


Wild-caught Alaska salmon, whitefish varieties and shellfish mature at a natural pace, and swim freely in the pristine waters off Alaska’s rugged 34,000-mile coastline.

Environmentally Responsible

Careful management based on conservation assure abundant stocks of salmon, halibut, sole, pollock, and shellfish, so Alaska seafood is an environmentally responsible choice.


It’s easy to prepare Alaska seafood using your favorite cooking method. Whether you like to grill, poach, bake, or sauté, you can have a delicious meal on the table in minutes.

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ASMI & Sysco Brand seafood brings all of the options & flavors to this Lenten Seafood season.

Sustainability and Alaska Seafood

Improve your menu with Alaska Seafood

Wild Alaska seafood is healthy & versatile with superior flavor & texture. At foodservice, the power of the Alaska Seafood brand is proven to increase seafood sales, as diners repeatedly show that they are more likely to order a dish with the word “Alaska” or the Alaska Seafood logo on the menu. Become an ASMI partner to gain access and leverage the Alaska seafood logo and brand guide in your marketing and menu.

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Alaska Seafood Recipes

Elevate your menu's seafood selection with the addition of Portico brand seafood