Protecting the Earth, Plus Delivering Value

Rooted in the 4 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Renew), Earth Plus® delivers affordable, eco-friendly, disposable solutions that are good for both your business and the planet. These everyday essentials help your operation run smoothly and responsibly.

Sysco’s Earth Plus® is a line of biodegradable disposable and paper products that are just one of the many ways Sysco demonstrates environmental stewardship every day.


Earth Plus® products contain an average of 50% less plastic polymers than standard polypropylene containers, thus reducing plastic usage. Additionally, these products are recyclable. Since over 85% of Earth Plus® products are produced in the United States, they consume less energy than similar products imported from China.


Many Earth Plus® products are made with recycled polypropylene (PP) that is produced from previously used post-consumer plastic products. Earth Plus® uses a minimum of 25% rPET* content in its recycled PP packaging. These products are also recyclable. *Recycled polyethylene terephthalate


We seek to increase the recycling of foodservice packaging. Earth Plus® products are recyclable, and we encourage operators to follow their local guidelines regarding the recycling programs in their communities.


Some Earth Plus® products are made of polylactic acid (PLA), a natural plastic material made from 100% annually renewable corn. Earth Plus® PLA products meet industry standards and specifications for compostability in both municipal and commercial facilities.


Made from 100% recycled paperboard product, these sturdy cartons are microwavable and grease resistant. They come nested and fully assembled for ease of use and convenient storage.

Containers: Molded Fiber, Mineral-Filled Polypropylene, and Compostable

These secure and sturdy containers reduce plastic usage while maintaining their natural look and feel. They are perfect for carryout and delivery applications as they resist grease and moisture, helping to eliminate messy leaking.

Plates & Bowls

These molded fiber plates and bowls are made from sustainable and renewable materials that are compostable in commercial facilities. With multiple sizes, options for compartments, and convenience, they are a must-have for appealing to enviro-conscious customers.

Paper Soup Containers & Lids

Made from 100% annually renewable plant-based materials, our PLA-coated paper soup containers come with a secure fitting lid, making them great for to-go applications. They meet industry standards and specifications for compostability in both municipal and commercial facilities.

Plastic Cutlery

Made from a blend of materials including corn starch, the natural look and feel of this environmentally-friendlier cutlery reduces plastic usage while still offering a secure and sturdy utensil for carryout and delivery applications.

Brown Paper Bags

Durable and recyclable brown paper bags are always a good choice for carryout and delivery needs. With a flat face and plain surface, they can quickly be stamped with a logo for customization.

Beverage Cups & Straws

Earth Plus® beverage cups and straws are environmentally friendly solutions that address the need for a compostable alternative to traditional plastic.


Made from recycled fiber, our single-use dispenser napkins fit in universal napkin dispensers and are an economical solution available in multiple sizes.


For bulk needs, these towels offer high absorbency in a recycled, sustainable format. Earth Plus® towels are available in rolls or singles and are great for cleaning spills while delivering superior softness.

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