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Sysco Classic Fry Oil Filter Pods

These new pods provide an easy-to-use filtering solution for every kitchen.

The Sysco Classic Fry Oil Filter Pod is an all-natural, plant-based, easy-to-use oil-filtering solution for any restaurant with a fryer. It extends the flavor and life of your oil while saving on cost and labor.

The Fry Oil Filter Pods improve oil life and food quality with less flavor transfer. They absorb water and dissolve impurities for a longer oil life and prevent carbon deposits on fryers, making cleanup faster by 60 to 70 percent.

The pods require no additional equipment and come predosed for one-time use, with the ability to treat fryers of up to a 70-pound capacity. Simply place a Fry Oil Filter Pod in your fryer basket at the end of the day, let it soak overnight, and then safely dispose of it the next morning when cool.

On average, the pods will extend oil life by two to three days and produce $500 per fryer in annual net savings: 15 to 35 percent for FSO (Food Service Operation) net savings and 40 to 60 percent for large venues (Batch Frying Operations). The pods have a two-year shelf life unopened and a six-month shelf life after they’ve been opened.

Sysco’s Cutting Edge Solutions provide new and innovative products to help you refresh your menu, drive repeat business and streamline back-of-house operations. Contact your local Sysco Marketing Associate today for more details.

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