Distribution Process Overview

From the fields to your customer's purchase; Sysco's Distribution Process is designed to keep products food safe while ensuring the highest quality. We demand strict controls with our growers, manufacturers and suppliers. Once received at our Operating Warehouses our robust Food Safety Program continues to protect the products and ultimately our customers and your patrons.

Distribution Cycle

The distribution cycle refers to the integrated stakeholder network and activities to get a product from the manufacturer or creator to the customer. In our complex food distribution process, multiple entities have responsibility to ensure products are grown, harvested, processed, stored, and transported to our sites for distribution to the customer. A food safe distribution cycle establishes controls at each key step to prevent food safety biological, chemical, or physical hazards in our products. These controls contribute to customer satisfaction, profitability, and grow our business

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Food Safety Dangers

Food Safety Dangers exist in the forms of bacteria and viruses. There are several ways we can reduce the risk of a foodborne illness event. Our associates are trained to know who are the “Notorious Offenders” and how to reduce the risk. Are your associates consistently wash their hands? Discussing the steps to preventing a foodborne illness and the symptoms of a foodborne illness event such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. can help employees realize the important role handwashing plays. A food safe foodservice operation contributes to satisfied customers, profitability and repeat customers. For more free information visit www.foodsafety.gov

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Picture Perfect Receiving

Trained receiving associates start the Food Safety Program once the inbound trailer doors open. Associates inspect for clean pest free trailers in good repair; trailer temperatures, product safe from contamination on a refrigerated dock If any products present a food safety risk; they are rejected. Once the products are approved to receive; they are put away in the appropriate temperature zone in a timely manner. While in storage products are protected from temperature abuse by an electronic monitoring system; as well as from contamination and allergen cross contact. Receiving, Put Away and Storage are all part of Sysco’s Food Safety Program.

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Cold Chain Management

Cold Chain Management. What does that mean to you, our customers? Sysco ensures products are transported to our Operating Warehouses in pre-cooled, appropriate temperature trailers with a variety of monitoring options such as TTRs, Trailer Downloads, and other records. Once received, we move products onto our temperature-controlled and electronically monitored docks to refrigerators and freezers. This helps ensure the product’s safety and quality. Because our systems are electronically monitored the Warehouse Team receives texts and emails if a temperature fluctuation is noted. This allows us to proactively solve the issue before any impact on product food safety or quality. Cold Chain Management is pretty COOL at Sysco!

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Building a Food Safe Pallet

Receiving and storing your products in a food safe manner is just the beginning. Building a food safe pallet ensures that ready to eat foods are protected from raw foods or chemicals. Additionally, we protect food from coming into contact with allergens. Building a food safe pallet allows the Delivery Associate to bring you products safe from cross contamination and allergen cross contact.

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Hygiene Practices

Sysco’s Delivery Associates (drivers) are the “face” of Sysco. Prior to starting their delivery day; the Delivery Associate inspects the trailer to double check that the refrigeration units are running and the trailer is safe to operate. Once they leave the warehouse; your Delivery Associate monitors the running of the refrigeration units and takes steps inside of the trailer to protect products and prevent temperature abuse. Bringing your product into your operation involves stacking the handcart to avoid any damages or contamination issues. The Delivery Associates DRIVE Food Safety!

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