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Greco and Sons: “Your Recipe for Success”


Looking for the best cheese for your pizza and pasta? We range in cheeses that are sweet, salty, milky, buttery, tangy, smoky, sharp, nutty, and more

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Cheese Italian Restaurant


Want a crispy crust? Choose one of our high protein flours and cook at a lower temperature. Prefer a chewy crust? Select one of our low protein flours and cook at a high temperature. We have it all – including a vegan and gluten free cauliflower crust

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Flour/Dough/Bread Italian Restaurant


Upgrade the meat you eat. Prosciutto di Parma for upscale & rustic charcuterie boards, tender meatballs for classic spaghetti, and our famous Greco Sausage for pizza. Endless pasta-bilities.

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Meat Italian Restaurant


Our sturdy boxes will keep your pizza hot! Our customer-approved disposables will make for a more pleasant dining experience anywhere!

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Italian Restaurant Food Boxes

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