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Latest Issue of Sysco Foodie

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A uniquely historic space, creative upscale menu, and unwavering commitment to community make Montana Ale Works a local gem.

Montana Ale Works is a 9,000-square-foot railway freight house that’s rich in history, rooted in community and provides an eclectic array of local, sustainable scratch-made foods.

Managing Partner and Corporate Chef Roth Jordan said their diverse menu and top-notch service are appealing attributes that bring customers through their doors. All service staff and bartenders undergo rigorous training before contacting guests to radiate their culture’s warm, inviting, and friendly nature. And while the menu has gotten smaller since the pandemic, Jordan said they’re “doing fewer things, better,” which helps them maintain excellent consistency – another characteristic differentiating Montana Ale Works from the rest.

Montana Ale Works partnered with Sysco four years ago and now depends on Sysco as their biggest provider. Jordan said, “Maintaining a good food cost is so vitally important. The technology side of what Sysco offers gave us a foot up and helped us better control food costs.”

The Sysco team is another component that helps this eclectic eatery prosper.

Montana Ale Works features as much local product from surrounding farms and ranchers as possible, and the Sysco team helps them achieve this challenging yet essential feat. Best known for its scratch-made menu items, Montana Ale Works offers a plate for every palate – from hand-rolled bison potstickers to its local burger program, grilled fish tacos, and Montana meatloaf made with local ingredients, including bacon-wrapped pork, ground beef, and lean Idaho Kootenai bison.

Along with its commitment to consistency, phenomenal service, and outstanding food, Montana Ale Works is also devoted to caring for its team and community. Not only does the restaurant take part in community partnerships and monthly fundraisers, but they also fed furloughed employees every day during the pandemic, provided gift cards, and brought them back to work as fast as they could.

“If you’re not going to be good for 50 years, you don’t deserve to be good for five years,” Jordan explained. “We all believe that this restaurant is bigger than any of us, and we’re all striving to do what we can to take ourselves into the next 30 years.” As business soars, Montana Ale Works is eager to continue refining and serving quality, local, scratch-made specialties while bringing the community together.