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Global Hot List

Culinary trends continually emerge and evolve. We’re tracking the concepts reshaping dining experiences so you can adapt to diners’ changing tastes.

Reinventing the Restaurant Business

The pandemic forced restaurateurs to find new ways to operate to stay profitable. Traditional tableside orders and seated dining took a backseat while restaurants morphed into hybrids, embracing new avenues to serve customers. Expand your services with platforms that meet your business needs.

Takeout & Delivery:

Boost off-premise dining by offering remote ordering options, creating a simplified menu, and utilizing packaging that maintains the quality and integrity of your food. 91% of diners want restaurants to keep offering takeout and delivery post-pandemic (OpenTable).

Outdoor Dining:

62% of fine dining and 56% of casual dining operators have dedicated more resources to developing and expanding outdoor dining since the start of the pandemic (National Restaurant Association). 82% of diners want restaurants to continue to increase outdoor seating post-pandemic (OpenTable).

Meal Kits:

Make it easy for customers to bring your restaurant home with DIY takeout kits, deconstructed family-style meals, and cocktail or bar kits.

Ghost Kitchens:

These facilities prepare food for delivery with no dining rooms, takeout counters, or consumer-facing storefronts, allowing operators to cut costs on labor, overhead, and food waste.

Go Contactless:

Meet demands for consumer safety; 71% of consumers want restaurants to keep offering contactless pay, ordering, and menus (OpenTable).