April 19, 2024

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Market Headlines


HPAI has appeared in U.S. dairy herds and there has been only 16 farms where there has been an infection. HPAI has had no meaningful impact on production in Dairy. A larger outbreak is needed before there are production concerns.


Shell egg markets are all flat and demand has softened. California and Northwest markets are flat with the exception of X–Large and Large. The Block & Barrel are increasing and steady. Butter is up with Domestic butter demand varies across the nation.

Grains / Oil

Soybean oil was lower due to good planting conditions in the U.S., good harvest in South America, and lower overall demand. Palm oil moved higher for the weekly average but fell hard on Friday with the trend of Soybean oil. Canola also had a volatile week with soybean oil falling.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both U.S. and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on U.S. market data only.

Produce Market Updates



Local production coupled with Peru and Mexico has market slightly lower this week. Quality from all districts is good.

Bell Peppers –  Alert

East – green bell supplies good, quality very good, demand is good at current prices. The market feels steady. Red and yellow bell supply is good, and demand is weak.

West – Supplies are abundant in all but extra–large and jumbo green bell peppers. Demand is moderate with the desert region ramping up to harvest next week. Red and yellow supplies are good.


Market is slow to come off but is trending down, weather and cooler night temps are still low slowing production.

Cabbage – Green & Red

Supplies and quality good on both red and green. Market mostly softer on both.


Lighter supplies due to cooler weather and is to be expected to remain tighter for the next two weeks. Markets have firmed up


Market a bit higher but not expected to make a run, the desert region is finishing, but supplies expected to be good into next week.


Cilantro market steady on decent supplies. Parsley supplies and overall quality look good. Market mostly steady for both curly and Italian.


West – Regional shift underway, market is higher, and demand exceeds.

East – Supplies good, quality good.

Lettuce & Romaine

Both Lettuce and Romaine are seeing an industry–wide quality issues that have push markets back up. Expecting tight supplies to the end of the month.

Onions – Red Alert

Availability of yellows is improving over the next couple weeks as the spring crops in TX and CA get underway. Reds are limited in supply from all areas and will remain so for another few weeks. Market is coming down on yellow and remains high on reds.

Potatoes – Russets

Supplies are very light on 40–50 ct from most suppliers. 90–120 ct are plentiful. This now looks to be the case through the summer months. Demand is following supply accordingly. Prices are steady for now. Quality is good.


East – Yellow squash quality and supply very limited. Zucchini supply good, with steady demand, and good quality.

West – Good supplies on both yellow and green with moderate demand.

Tomatoes – Round Alert

Rounds remain on alert status both east and west due to lack of availability. Grape, cherry, and roma varieties continue to improve with increased supply on normal demand.



Industry harvests are down slightly, and large fruit is becoming limited this week as demand builds ahead of Cinco De Mayo pulls. Small fruit is more available, and prices remain steady this week.

Citrus – Alert

Lemons –Alert– Crop peaking on 115’s and larger, with 140’s and smaller becoming a challenge to fill orders. 140s, 165s, 200s and 235s very tight supplies. Flexibility on size needed.

Oranges  –Alert– Fruit is peaking on 40/36/56ct size Navels. Tight supplies and higher prices, especially for smaller size navels oranges. Orange supply continues to be a challenge on the 113/138 sizes.

Limes – The market is softening with a slight expected demand increase for Cinco De Mayo. Industry availability is better for small sizes, while large sizes remain limited. New crop production approximately 60%–70% of volume is in small sizes 250s/230s.

Supplies limited 110s/150s.

Grapes – Alert

Volumes continue to be lighter than normal as import supplies are being strategically aligned to meet supplies. Quality dropping off quickly on green varieties and expect to see shortages.


Pineapple volume remains tight. Next week expected to be tight as well with improved volumes ramping up week 17. Volumes are anticipated to continue to increase week over week after Week, returning to normal volumes. Subbing sizes to fill orders remains likely.


Watermelon supplies have filled the pipeline, and the market is lower. Quality has improved significantly.