August 26, 2022

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Market Headlines


The shrimp market is saturated with both Whites and Tigers as importers brought in excess inventories to build a cushion while the demand has softened due to slow retail sales. Prices have continued to decline on specific sizes.


Wing season has officially arrived as football is fast approaching and historic low prices have helped demand increase.


Both block and barrel cheese markets were higher. Butter prices were higher with increased exports. Eggs, also, were higher with retailers' increasing buying for back to school and Labor Day.

Grains / Oil

The soybean oil market traded down most of last week, finishing about 3% down for the week, mostly on improved weather conditions and improving crop scores. Canola crop scores continue to improve to where we will see much more available seed. Palm moved lower with poor Chinese demand and good supplies.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates


Asparagus  Alert

Market remains firm. Supplies continue to be tight from both Peru and Mexico, but more so on the West Coast.

Broccoli & Cauliflower

Markets are increasing as yields start to reduce due to an increase in quality issues and a pick-up in demand.

Cabbage – Green & Red – Alert

Out of Mexico cabbage remains limited in supply with active markets. Conditions to last through August.

Cilantro – Alert

Markets are increasing as yields start to reduce due to an increase in quality issues and a pick-up in demand.


(East) Bi-Color corn seems to be most plentiful. Yellow corn is very tight in supply. Demand in increasing as Labor Day approaches. (West) Moderate supplies of white corn this week; market firming up.


(East) Cucumber supplies short due to impact of recent wet weather. Market stronger. (West) Supplies very short from Baja and Mexico. Rains have slowed production down.

Eggplant Alert

(East) Eggplant is still being produced in many eastern regions. Quality is very spotty causing a wide range of markets. (West) Very short from Central California. Volume should pick up by mid-September. Mexican eggplant supplies remain limited.

Fingerling Potatoes Alert

The Idaho market expected to adjust as more sheds start up late this week and next. 40 – 70 ct will still be very short for several weeks

Green Onions Alert

Market is in a severe demand exceeds supply situation. Supplies have been reduced by high heat in the growing regions during the months of May, June, and July, followed by heavy rainfall the last week. Harvests are estimated to be down 35-50% from their original forecast numbers thus creating a very active, and volatile market scenario. Conditions are expected through September, and some are forecasting the current conditions could last through the end of the year.

Quality is fair with heavy under sizing mostly small and occasional medium pencil sized green onions. Temperature stress discoloration and insect pressure also impacting quality and condition.

Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine

The markets on iceberg, romaine, romaine hearts, are moving quickly into a demand exceeds supply situation. Weather conditions coupled with inconsistent demand patterns are driving the markets upward. Limited supplies and volatile market conditions are expected for the next 2-4 weeks. All commodity and value-added packs are impacted.

Onions – Alert

Market firmer. Hot weather in CA, ID and WA over the last week has caused harvest delays and will reduce production volume this week. Super and colossal onions will be very tight for a few weeks.

Peppers – Green, Red, Yellow & Chili – Alert

(East) Demand on Red pepper remains strong with limited availability. Green pepper is still very steady. (West) Green bell volume steady for the next 10 days from Central California and Central Coast California. Red and gold bell market high. Expect minimal relief in the next 10 days.

Squash Alert

East Coast – Both yellow and zucchini squash are active. West Coast – Zucchini will be short for the next 2 weeks until Central California starts. Central Coast squash will be in light supply. Yellow squash volume up a bit, demand not as strong as zucchini.


Round supply remains on alert status due to lack of availability from high temps and rainfall. Market will remain elevated for the next 2-3 weeks.




Mexico’s size curve is peaking on 48s with 60s and smaller becoming less of the manifest. The #2 fruit is still in short supply. Peru is peaking on 48s and larger with good supplies available. Colombian avocados continue in the U.S. market. California has begun its seasonal decline and will finish at end of August. Size curve is peaking on 48ct.


Lemons: The market is steady with a good mix of large fancy imports and California product which has fancy and choice mid sizes.

Oranges: The market is strong with limited supplies of 88-138 ct. California Valencia shippers are limiting their harvest to stretch out the season into October. Quality is fair on domestic Val’s. with some regreening present. Chilean navels are showing better signs of quality and volume versus Valencia oranges

Lime: Market remains limited with good quality volume on anything larger than a 175’s. Trailing a short supply of large sizes (110’s,150’s) from the Spring. 110’s, 150’s, 175’s will continue to be limited until early to mid-September.


Supplies are light on 5 and 6 ct. with some suppliers subbing into 7 ct. Volume is expected to improve by mid-September.