December 16, 2022

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Market Headlines


Gulf Oyster season started November 1st. There are multiple bay closures to protect and restore oyster reefs.

Veg Oil

EPA announced its approval for Canola to be used for biodiesel. The soybean oil market moved much lower again this past week as speculators sold off their long positions for net profits.

Avian Influenza

Two commercial egg layer farms were identified as HPAI- positive over the weekend, representing another 2.5 million birds impacted this fall. The farms were in the state of Washington and South Dakota.


Significant increases in shell egg markets – supply is extremely tight right now, especially in California. Cheese and butter markets are starting to decline as milk supply increases and demand starts to slow during the holidays. Cream and Culture pricing decreasing for December.

Grains / Oil

A large sell-off of speculators long positions, along with lower crude oil sent the soybean oil market much lower last week, which helped pull down the palm oil market. Canola oil was flat. Soybeans and soybean meal markets moved much higher with poor crop news from South America. Wheat and corn fell.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates



Market is mostly steady in the East with good supplies. Mexico demand is softer and expect supplies to tighten up in the coming weeks.


Market softer but still reporting tighter supplies with the colder weather. Baby broccoli is in a demand exceeds supplies with some suppliers.

Cabbage – Red & Green

Moderate demand, market slightly higher. Lighter weights are still an issue with some suppliers.


Market took a small decrease. Moderate volumes this week. Cooler temperatures in Yuma will affect harvest and keep this market active.


Market up slightly on light supply, as cooler weather impedes production on both Cilantro and Parsley.


East – Cucumber supply lighter, demand good and market stronger. Cooler nighttime temperatures and a cold front coming could keep supplies limited..

West – Moderate supplies with good demand. Prices expected to remain high throughout the holiday season.


East – Eggplant supply steady, with moderate demand. Market remains mostly steady.

West – Heavy supplies and light demand, this market at the bottom and can only go up at this time.

Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine

Lettuce holding at current high levels. Leaf supplies improving but market remains high. Romaine showing signs of coming down.


Supplies continue to improve, and the market remains steady.


Market is mostly steady. Supplies are steady and keeping pace with demand.

Peppers Alert

Green bell supplies improving, market firm. Red and Yellow bells are extremely short supply and higher markets.


Supplies are light this season. Packers are already limiting packing times to stretch the season out to the end.

Volume is very limited on 40 70 ct.

Spring Mix/Spinach

The market continues to be in an extreme demand exceeds supplies on Spring Mix and Spinach. Arugula extremely short with some growers completely out for several days.


East – Zucchini supply better, but mostly on fancy. Mediums sell out each day, Market a little lower but seems to be firming back up. Yellow squash supply is light as demand exceeds supply. West – Zucchini squash prices are steady, with moderate demand. Yellow squash- Availability is increasing, and demand has slowed down causing market to adjust downward a bit.

Tomatoes – Alert

Markets are active, with rounds higher. Roma, Cherry and Grapes the market looks like it stabilizing, but remains high.

Flexibility in specification, varieties, and sizing is the best way to mitigate the impacts of this supply challenge.



Market remains mostly steady with plenty of fruit being harvested out of Mexico, leaning heavier to 48 ct. availability of #2 fruit increasing as well.


Lemons – Supplies are good coming from Central California and the Southern desert areas. Pricing is decreasing.

Oranges – Navels supplies are good. Sizing is still heavy to 88, 113 and 138 ct sizing. Sugar and color are increasing weekly. Market is mostly steady.

Limes- Market stronger as the current crop is winding down. Transition to the next crop expected in the coming weeks and expect market to remain firm into January.

Strawberries – Alert

We continue to be in a demand exceeds supplies situation. You can expect more shortages this week and going into the next week. Continued unfavorable weather from all growing regions continues to hamper supplies.


Good availability on all sizes and prices are mostly steady.