December 8, 2023

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Market Headlines


HPAI has returned and is affecting the Turkey producing states of Minnesota and the Dakotas. Currently the markets are mostly unaffected but there are concerns around the industry. Sysco branded suppliers have had no cases.


HPAI has affected been affecting egg layers this winter. A 2.62 million bird complex in Hardin County, OH that primarily supplied the foodservice industry. Sysco is keeping an eye on the situation.


Shell egg markets are down this week. Barrel market is slightly increasing & Block market are decreasing. Butter is up. December Cream and Culture pricing will reflect nominal changes.

Grains / Oil

Energy markets moved lower last week due to tighter demand and biofuels. This helped to push the soybean oil market lower. Some of the biofuel demand decline was due to heavier usage of Canola oil. Palm oil was flat with good supplies and smaller Chinese demand.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both U.S. and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on U.S. market data only.

Produce Market Updates



Supplies have fallen due to transitional growing areas and cooler weather. Eastern market has not reacted, while the West is higher. Some shippers needing to sub jumbo to extra–large to fill orders.


Market softer with lower demand. Consistent volume expected this week and next.


Demand exceeds supplies, for next couple of weeks. Sweet baby broccoli may be an option to sub as it is a very similar variety.

Cabbage – Green & Red

Supplies and quality good on both red and green. Market mostly steady on both.


Volume for the next two weeks is expected to be lighter. Markets a little active this week but appear to be leveling out.


Harvest continues from multiple regions, but supplies are tighter and subbing to alternate sizing may happen with some growers.


Cilantro and Parsley supplies and overall quality look good. Market is holding mostly steady for both.

Green Beans

Eastern Bean supplies very light, quality is good, demand good, and market very high. The West has moderate supply, with no real increase keeping market and demand high. No changes expected next week. Expecting another spike as we get closer to Christmas.

Lettuce & Romaine

Lettuce market a little softer with good supplies from the growing regions. Good volume and quality this week on Romaine and market holding steady. Hearts, market is also fairly steady and fair to good quality.


Short production for the holiday last week coupled with heavy export demand is putting pressure on the onion market. We are seeing snug supplies this week with a trend up in pricing.

Peppers Red & Yellow –  Alert

West – All colors are active due to transition. Hot House shortage is affecting this category. Mexico is starting but not expected to fill the pipeline until late December.

East – Alert Red & Yellow – Florida green new crop quality is very nice, but market remains active.


Supplies are very good on 80ct and smaller sizes with limited availability on the larger sizes. This is due to sheds running smaller sized lots for the retail holiday demand.

Snap & Snow Peas

Market active on both snap and snow as supplies are limited. There is a potential gap this week on snap peas with freezing temperatures in Salinas.


West – Supply has decreased due to cool weather in growing regions. Market has steadied due to increased pricing, should see better volume late next week.

East – Split market as shippers clearing old crop, new fields showing good quality at higher fob.


Round, Roma, and Grape markets are on alert due to rain and wind damaged crops in Florida, which has made availability extremely limited. Markets are expected to stay elevated until mid–January when Mexico availability increases.


Avocado Alert

The market is showing some strength on the 48ct and smaller. #2’s are still limited in supply. Rain in Mexico could slow harvest and push pricing higher but would not likely hold too long.


Lemons – Good availability on 115s and smaller. Central Valley is ramping up; Central Coast is slowing down, and the Desert has another 9 weeks to go. Overall peak sizes are 140, 115, 165 between all districts. Market remains steady.

Oranges – Navel Season is underway – running every day. Fancy will become tight and choice grade will be more plentiful as the packing houses run fruit to fill orders.

Limes – Slightly better volume, quality also improving. However, between Thanksgiving and Christmas we see fewer days of packing and more disruption in the supply simply based on harvest.


The shift to Import has begun as Domestic supply and quality has declined. Western import supply is slowly ramping due to Panama Canal delays. Eastern Import is more readily available.


Production volume has improved to normal levels for this time of year. There has been a shift to large sizes in the harvest. Quality conditions have improved. Production should remain steady for the next few weeks.