February 10, 2023

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Market Headlines


Beef packers are reducing the harvest numbers of cattle, which will lead to lower inventory levels. Live weights are trending lower.


No new impacts from Avian influenza on the egg markets to report this week or for the past several weeks. We are monitoring the situation closely.


Last week’s winter storm caused a loss of 1-2 days of production in for several states for chicken. The loss in production paired with the Super Bowl approaching is causing tightening of supply in some markets.


Shell eggs continue to decrease as markets look for a floor. Cheese markets fall again this week on slower demand. Cream and Culture pricing is decreasing for February. Butter Markets are rebounding AI Impacts cause increases in non-cage free processed eggs for February.

Grains / Oil

Overall, the soybean oil market changed very little last week. It did trade lower due to crude oil but finished the week flat. Palm oil is moving higher with increased demand and closing the gap between palm and soybean oil. Canola markets moved higher on increased demand.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates



Weather patterns in Mexico growing region keeping supplies lower than anticipated, although market has declined. Next week near freezing forecast could slow production.


Market has come off a little, but recent cool weather could impact volume in the coming weeks and push the market higher.

Broccolini/Baby Broccoli

Baby broccoli – Broccolini continues with short supplies as cold weather is impacting the growth cycle. Demand is exceeding supplies.

Cabbage Green & Red

Green market is steady to lower with good supplies. Red market remains elevated on tighter supplies.


Limited supplies expected for a few more weeks. Supplies should begin to pick up in couple of weeks if weather is cooperative.


Light demand, and market is lower, with only some shippers still affected by the recent weather event in California.

Cilantro & Parsley

Cilantro market pushed up with cooler weather impacting supplies, expecting to be short term as better supplies come available. Parsley market a little softer on fair supplies and moderate demand.


East – Supplies a little better, demand a little weaker, quality is good and market lower trending down. West – Moderate demand with limited supplies, Baja not forecast to start till mid-March.


Current demand is light keeping the market weaker, grower feel market will pick up as we get closer to Lent season.

Green Beans Alert

East – Supplies remain tight, quality is good, market continues to be elevated as demand out paces supply. West – Snug supplies with moderate demand, pricing has dipped slightly with full relief forecast in a week to ten days.


Barring any unforeseen weather disruptions, supplies will continue to keep pace with demand. The market continues to remain steady.


Green bell market steady, red market is low but expected to trend up. Some shippers reporting larger sizes will become limited.


Prices have stabilized. Demand is light which is typical for this time of year and will be thru February. Packers have cut production to pace the lighter storage volume thru the season.


Northwest supplies remain good, and demand has dropped. Market is slightly lower. Some supplies have started to come in from Mexico, but not enough to drop the market down any faster.


Good supplies on both coasts with moderate to good demand on both green and yellow.


Round, grape, and cherry markets continue to improve due to increasing availability out West which continues to help drive down the overall market. Roma markets remain stable with good volume and normal demand.



The overall market remains stable, there’s a lot of fruit in the supply chain for Super Bowl.


Supplies continue to be lighter from all suppliers due to cooler weather in the growing regions. Quality is good. Prices are steady.


Production remains tight on large sizes but is improving week over week. Should be at normal numbers in about 2 weeks. Prices continue to hold steady in the market.