February 24, 2023

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Market Headlines


Current impact of the fall outbreak of Avian Influenza continues to keep markets on edge. Egg supply remains tight. We continue to see significant increases in markets resulting in higher costs for shell eggs.


The Alaskan pollock catches (so far) are mostly yielding fillet sizes 2-4oz with few 4-6oz. Early season harvest across all species is up 18% from 2022, driven by large early season harvests of pollock, and Pacific cod.



Shell eggs supply tightening? Markets are higher except for California. Cheese markets are stable as demand remains steady. Butter markets increased but look for declines next week, as supply is ample. Cream and culture prices are adjusting due to non-market cost factors for March.

Grains / Oil

Decoupling somewhat, from energy, the soybean oil market moved higher last week with smaller global stocks being reported. Canola was flat on little new news, and palm moved slightly higher, but demand is starting to increase here.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates


Asparagus Alert

Volatile market due to unprecedented cold and rain in growing region. Supplies well below traditional volume. Demand exceeds all sizes with shippers struggling to fill orders.

Broccoli/ Baby broccoli

Baby broccoli – Broccolini continues with extremely short supplies as cold weather is impacting the growth, demand exceeds supplies with most suppliers.


Broccoli steady, but the cold weather could impact volume in the coming weeks and see the market trend up.

Cabbage – Green & Red

Colder weather has impacted yield pushing the market up on both Red and Green.


The market is active as some shippers are light in supply. Product is available, but with the cold weather, markets could shift up quickly.


Steady supplies and markets are starting to level out. Expecting supply, the next few weeks to meet demand.

Cilantro & Parsley

Cilantro availability is up and down depending on growing region, keeping market a little active. Parsley holding a little steadier with supplies meeting demand.


East – Supplies are light from imports and very few out of Florida with limited production. Demand strong and pricing remains high. Quality good. West – Limited supply keeping market active.


East – Market rapidly increasing, as supplies are short east and west. Quality is hit and miss. Demand strong for Lenten season. West – High demand and market, cold temperatures all indicate upward trend.

Green Beans

East – Currently seeing better supplies, market active with slow demand, and quality good. West – Better supplies, less demand has market trending lower.


Barring any unforeseen weather disruptions, supplies will continue to keep pace with demand. The market continues to remain steady.


Slightly lower pricing in the NW due to sluggish movements. Quality remains very good aside from the normal translucency that is common for this time in the season.


East Coast – Green bell supplies better, quality good and market lower. Red and Yellow extremely short supply in the east. West – Green supplies should improve by weekend while red and yellow are lighter volume.

Market steady for green and up slightly for color varieties.


Prices have stabilized. Demand is light which is typical for this time of year and will be thru February. Packers have cut production to pace the lighter storage volume thru the season.



Market continues to get stronger as demand in the field is high. The size curve continues to favor 60s and smaller, #2s are also being harvested in a higher percentage.


Supplies continue to be lighter from all suppliers due to cooler weather in the growing regions. Quality is good. Prices are steady.

Citrus – Alert

Lemons – Market steady. Supplies are good coming from the Southern desert areas, and Central California region. Crop now peaking on 140/115/95 ct sizes.

Oranges – Good supply as harvest is somewhat back to normal. A major storm will be passing through the area and will likely impact harvesting and create some loading delays.

Limes – Alert Lime market is volatile and expected remain volatile until at least mid-April. Market continues to increase due to light supplies and poor quality, driving up the cost of fruit in Mexico, along with additional demand.


Volume overall has improved. Central Mexico is still seeing good volume. Baja and Southern California has been increasing volume with large size and good quality but rain late this week will likely set them back for next week.


Steady supply. Prices steady. No quality or volume issues. Supplies are building and demand remains good, if demand drops the market could weaken.