January 20, 2023

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Market Headlines


Declining supplies of cattle will keep tension between buyers and sellers tight with price pressures continuing to the upside. Two weeks of declining carcass weights confirm that feed lot numbers are not building.


No new impacts from Avian influenza on the egg markets to report this week or for the past several weeks. We are monitoring the situation closely.


Alaska 2023 quotas have large increases for Pollock and decreases for Cod.


Shell eggs continue to decrease as markets look for a floor. Cheese markets bounce higher but are expected to decline next week. Butter markets increased this week; markets remain steady. Cream and Culture pricing is decreasing for January.

Grains / Oil

Last week trading ended virtually unchanged for soybean oil with positive news regarding stocks. Canola trading moved lower with increased global availability. Palm was also lower with continued poor demand driving the market lower.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates


Asparagus Alert

Still experiencing limited volume as Mexico ramps up production. Market remains firm to higher, with relief now forecast around mid-February.


Supply levels remain stable with good volumes, except for 60 ct and smaller, market is firmer.


Market softer on both broccoli and baby broccoli as weather has improved and bringing on production. Baby broccoli is still lower in production but is expected to meet demand.

Cabbage – Green & Red

Market steady on both, with the red market firmer, and moderate demand.


Moderate demand, and good supplies for the next 7 – 10 days. Markets steady.


Market remains high but is coming off. Demand is moderate, supply is light but expected to improve as the desert region comes online with additional production.


Both field and Hot House Long English cucumbers are very light in supplies as varies growing regions are ending production. The supply situation is expected to improve the next 7 – 14 days.


East – Supplies light, quality hit and miss, and market steady. Demand very good. West – Limited supplies and good demand, pricing increasing.

Green Beans

East – Supplies very light, with farms in and out with supplies due to recent cool temps. Quality is fair to good. West – limited supplies, good demand, market higher. Market expectations are trending higher for next two weeks. Quality reported as fair to good.


A few suppliers are running into supply issues as very frigid temperatures in December impacted supplies. The market remains steady


Super Colossal Yellows and Colossal Yellows continue to be tight. Plenty of other supplies available. Quality is still very good in the Northwest.

Peppers –  Alert

Green bell supplies are very light with cold weather in the East putting pressure on the West. Red and Yellow bells are extremely short in both East/West and higher markets expected.


Demand is light which is typical for this time of year and will be thru February. Packers have cut production to pace the lighter storage volume thru the season.

Squash Alert

East Coast – Zucchini and yellow squash supplies better, quality good, and markets little lower.

Tomatoes – Alert

Round markets are escalating due to cold weather in Florida combined with Mexico’s delayed start to the season. Roma availability continues to improve with readily increasing volume. Grape and cherry markets remain stable and unchanged.



Mexico continues with a strong harvest. Crop peaking on 48s and larger with a softer market. 60 ct and smaller the market is steady.

Percentage of category 2 fruit increasing, currently 12-15%.


Supplies are lighter from all suppliers due to cooler weather in the growing regions. Quality is good. Prices are steady.

Citrus – Alert

Lemons – Market steady. Supplies are good coming from the Southern desert areas, and Central California region will have some drier days to harvest.

Oranges – Break in the weather this week – crews are picking as much as possible before the next rain event. Heavy to Fancy Grade 70% Fancy / 30% Choice.

Limes – Alert Market active. Mexico supplies remain limited in particular the mid range 175/200/230 sizes. There is heavier demand for those sizes keeping that market elevated. Supplies expected to be limited into February.


Supplies very short, past rains in California and cooler weather in Florida have taken their toll. Mexico has seen better temps and production. We will see improving conditions going forward as California dries out. However, the next few weeks will be challenging to cover demand.

Long Stem Strawberry outlook for Valentine’s Day look to be extremely short in supply.


Production will remain very tight on large sizes about 2 more weeks. Quality should be improving. Demand good. Market increasing.