March 10, 2023

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Market Headlines


Chicken wing availability has increased coming out of the Super Bowl, but we are fast approaching March Madness so be prepared.


Shrimp landing has slowed greatly in Texas and Louisiana. The season is done until sometime in May. There will be a very limited supply of U-12 Whites and Browns nearby. U-15 Whites and Browns are in high demand.



Shell eggs markets moved higher again this week; however, California is down as retail demand remains weak. Cheese markets remain steady to slightly down. Butter Markets increased slightly this week, bearish tones still exist.

Grains / Oil

Soybean oil traded lower and has been in a pattern of sideways trading for a while due to little fresh news in the market. Canola futures were higher, and it is reported that biodiesel use is increasing for Canola. Palm oil moved higher with good demand and weakening production due to flooding in Malaysia.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates


Asparagus Alert

Increasing volume but still thirty to forty percent below normal production for this period. Supply should continue to increase.


Supplies of broccoli are meeting demand and markets are holding.

Broccolini/ Baby Broccoli

Continues with extremely short supplies as cold weather is impacting the growth, and with more rain forecast this will be demand exceeds supplies for several more weeks.

Cabbage – Green & Red

Market is still tight. Baja season is coming to an end, and a potential for a gap until Oxnard starts again in April.


The market is higher as most shippers are light in supply and not meeting demand. Weather looks to improve but will likely be tight to the end of the Yuma season.


Weather continues to hamper production in the growing regions and supplies are not meeting demand.

Cilantro & Parsley

Cilantro continues to struggle to meet current demand and market remains high. Parsley supplies are in better shape with that market relatively flat.


East – Corn supply is limited, and market is high. This market should get weaker next week. We are approaching the start of Spring Corn and the weather has been warm to help kick start the crop. West – Moderate supply, moderate demand, high pricing is holding.


East – Cucumber supplies good. More Florida cucumbers starting and Honduran imports still rolling in. Quality is good and market is lower. West – After several weeks of good demand and higher pricing, demand has slowed causing pricing to dip slightly. Expected to continue through this week into next.

Eggplant Alert

East – The supply on eggplant is still limited and the markets are high and will be next week. Demand strong and will remain until new fields start. West – Quality limited, less demand, predictions are indicating downward trend for this market.


We are seeing a few disruptions with the brown varieties, pretty hit and miss. Overall supplies remain steady and for the most part keep pace with demand.


Market is showing some weakness as more growing regions are starting to produce more inventory. Quality from the Northwest is starting to show some internal defects, but suppliers are increasing inspections on the line to mitigate.


Active market on both east and west coasts with limited supplies available, due to weather related issues. Yellow pepper is the most effected. Strong market expected to hold up to five weeks.


Demand is light. Packers have cut production to pace the lighter storage volume thru the season. The quality is good. Sizing is heavier to the smaller range. Prices are steady.


Round & roma volume remains steady out of FL & MX which will keep the market stable. Grape and cherry volume continue to improve which will continue to drive the market down. The overall market is stable with adequate volume on normal demand.



Demand is up across all sizes in the industry. Limited supply has caused a increase in market pricing.

Citrus – Alert

Lemons – The desert region is done and move up to the California coast and Central valley, with a high percentage of Fancy grade from the Central valley . As with oranges the rain in the valley will slow harvest and keep this market active.

Oranges – Rain will impact harvest. Good Supply of smaller oranges. 88s and larger may be tight as suppliers have not been able to harvest.

Limes – Alert New crop yielding majority of very small fruit, 250’s to 230’s. Demand strong in Mexico causing a higher prices and very limited supplies of #2’s with the majority staying in Mexico.

Strawberries – Alert

Rain and cold temps in California are severely impacting supplies. Growers still have good supplies from Florida and Mexico to supplement. The long-term this may go on for a few weeks or longer if weather doesn’t improve. In which case the market will become very active.


Steady supply. No quality issues. Prices remain higher than average on all sizes. Demand will increase as we approach Easter.