March 11, 2022

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Market Headlines

Vegetable Oils

Record markets for vegetable oils. Soybean, Canola, palm and Sunflower all seeing record highs.


The North Atlantic Lobster larger tails are on allocation and will be for the foreseeable future. Maine season and Nova Scotia season are done for the year and will not start again until June 2022.


Extreme markets on iceberg and romaine are now being reported out of what is left of the desert growing regions in Arizona.


Butts continue to see renewed interest in retail, keeping this market in an upwards trajectory. Fresh bellies have declined while supply has remained steady. Hams are continuing to push up as suppliers prepare for Easter and Mother’s Day. Spareribs are trading sideways still and expected to continue this trend. Trimmings are still trending upwards with steady demand.


The block and barrel markets are up for the week due weak milk production and current demand. The butter market is up for the week. The egg markets remain down for the week due to Avian Influenza concerns.

Grains / Oil

Higher soybean, Canola, and palm oil markets. Anyone using sunflower oil are looking for a replacement since 50% of the global supply of sunflower comes from Ukraine. Also, poor tree production for palm pushing that market to all time highs. Drought in South America, helping to push soybean oil higher.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates



Active markets and shorter supplies to be seen until Mid-March


Market is adjusting as supplies continue to improve from Mexico. Overall quality is good to very good with some curved tips seen due to the recent high winds.

Avocados –Alert

Mexico-Market remains strong, as MX has been limiting harvest to hold prices steady. Size curve is heavier into smaller sizes (60’s and smaller), and #2 fruit is about 15% of pack out.CA – Market is strong as the attention of the industry pivoted to CA when MX crossings had stopped.

Broccoli & Baby Broccoli

Markets remain steady on broccoli,  but  baby broccoli(broccolini) is active with limited supply.

Brussels Sprouts

Ample supplies continue conventional and organic sprouts.


Carrot suppliers remain at max capacity on their snack pack carrots and now having issues with carrot sticks for some suppliers. Jumbo carrots out of CA are scarce with limited availably. Market  to be active through March.


Active market conditions have returned as yields have once again dropped for suppliers. Expect to see unsettled market conditions for the next 7-10 days.Brussel Sprouts-


Value Added-Processed (sticks, diced) celery is under and demand exceed supply situation. Commodity celery out of CA, and AZ is more active this week as well due to overall lighter supplies. Active celery conditions expected through Mid-March.


Import supply very light, Florida supply just starting and very tight, quality is good. Mexico supplies very light due to gap in production with strong demand in Mexico, expect limited volume all week. Market active.


Florida supply very light, demand fair, market steady, could possibly increase. Mexico production good with good demand; Northern area will begin by the end of the month.


Supplies of California garlic continue to decline. The next harvest will be in late June and early July. With less CA garlic available, orders will look to be supplemented with garlic from Argentina, Spain, and Mexico, starting in mid-March through the time of the new harvest. Expect to see stronger markets starting at that time.

Green Beans

Florida bean supply decreasing, demand remains strong, market expected to increase by the weekend. Mexico in short supply as northern area supplies is limited until the end of the month.

Hot House

Campari and Medley tomatoes short in supply.

Iceberg, Leaf and Romaine

Stronger markets on iceberg, green, red and butter lettuces for this week. Iceberg market is becoming increasingly active with limiting supplies being reported.  Romaine markets are very active with limited supply for both romaine liner, romaine hearts and chopped romaine.

West Coast Commodity Transition

The annual move from the desert growing regions to the CA Central Coast  growing regions is on the horizon. Look for more updates over the next 4-6 weeks.


Shortages and active market conditions continue to plague the mushroom industry. All varieties are impacted. Conditions are not expected to change for the foreseeable future.


ID/OR – Market active. Quality on some lots continues to be an issue.  Texas crossings – Market active. Reds continue to be tight awaiting the start of Texas crop. Texas crop has started with a few yellows, no Reds or Whites at this point, expecting to start in a light way Mar 28th week.

Peppers, red and yellow –Alert

Green bells are in short supply, with active markets. Expect this to continue another 7-10 days. Reds are currently adjusting but expect this to turn around sometime next week. Yellow bells extremely short supply. Chili peppers remain short in supply as well.

Squash Alert

Active markets on both yellow squash and zucchini on both coasts.



Lemons: Supplies are good with moderate demand. Sizing is peaking on the large sizes. Pack outs are 75-80% fancy.

Oranges: Supplies are good with moderate demand. Sizing is peaking on the large sizes. Pack outs are 75-80% fancy.

Lime:  Supply extremely tight, zero sourcing some days last week and still on a day-to-day on what will be sourced if anything at all. The market prices continue to be unsteady due to crop transition and tight volume available, with low yields and availability.