March 31, 2022

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Market Headlines

Vegetable Oils

Slight reduction last week for soybean and palm, but still in record high territory. Lack of sunflower oil has caused other varieties to be sought after. Corn oil is extremely hard to find.


A large part of the Russian crab is unsellable due to the conflict with Ukraine and Russia. A suggested substitute item for Russian snow crab is Canadian snow crab.


Due to avian influenza being identified in 3 of 4 flyways, infected laying chickens are being euthanized and causing egg prices to rapidly increase with declining stocks.


Production is constrained from lighter birds weights and lower bird placements. The jumbo wing market has been dropping and supply is readily available. Tenders availability is tightening. The random breast market is very strong. Portion control breast have strong demand and have tight supplies due to labor.


Butts continue to move upwards with strong demand in the market. Loins are flat for next week as demand and supplies are unchanged. Ribs are also trading sideways for now, with steady demand. Bellies remain the highest priced primal with bacon or pork belly demand remaining strong. Hams are sliding down for next week. Demand for trimmings has weakened, market is down.


Buyers are closely monitoring consumer spending with inflation and tax deadlines around the corner weighing heavy on consumers. Middle meats continue to climb, as in seasonally expected, ribs & strips and tenders are all in good shape. End cuts on the other hand, continue to chop sideways and await possible support from export and summer grind demand.


The block and barrel markets are up for the week due the global demand. The butter market is up for the week. The egg markets remain higher due to the Avian Influenza concerns.

Grains / Oil

Overall, the soybean oil market was flat last week as some possible good news came out regarding Ukraine and Russia in possible peace talks in Turkey. Canola, while flat may get hit with a demand spike from biofuels. Palm oil moved slightly down.


The quota for the 2022 Candian snow crab fishery in The Gulf of St. Lawrence is 70,000 lbs. This is a 34% increase from the quota last year. The domestic scallop season starts April 1st and will start to replenish this inventories. The domestic shrimp is now off season until May. Good supplies exist for small to medium PUD's.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates



Market active with stronger demand. Mexico supplies are good and Peru container arrivals expected to improve next week after a delayed start.


Industry harvests are down this week, and the U.S. is competing with the national market in Mexico. Market is active with sizing on 70’s and 84’s supplies to be tight, Size curve peaking 48s and 60s at 18%.


Active markets and shorter supplies to be seen for the next 7-10 days

Broccoli & Baby Broccoli

Active markets on broccoli this week as the season winds down out of Arizona, and supplies are short out of Mexico. Expect unsettled market conditions over the next 2-3 weeks.

Brussels Sprouts

Good supplies continue conventional and organic sprouts.


Carrot suppliers remain at max capacity on their snack pack carrots. Carton packs of jumbo carrots out of California is limited at best. Carrot sticks have now been impacted as a result of the overall shortage of jumbos, with the sizing on carrot sticks for some being reduced from 4 to 2 inches.


Active market conditions remain. Expect to see unsettled market conditions for the next 2-3 weeks.

Celery Value AddedAlert

Value Added-Processed (sticks, diced) celery is under and demand exceed supply situation due to capacity constraints.


Cucumber supply very light out of Florida; quality is good, but demand is strong due to limited availability out west. Expect strong market for about 10-14 days. Mexico supplies still not plentiful, expect better supplies next week and the month of April should produce better supplies each week.


Supplies of CA Garlic continue to dwindle down. As a result, more product from Argentina to be seen in the coming weeks

Green Beans

Florida bean supply better, quality good, and market steady. Mexico supplies limited.

Iceberg, Leaf and Romaine

Markets on iceberg, romaine and romaine hearts are starting to adjust as demand has called and new growing regions have started. Market is expected to be unsettled still for the next 2-3 weeks, as the transition from AZ to CA is in full swing.


Shortages and active market conditions continue to plague the mushroom industry. All varieties are impacted. Conditions are not expected to change for the foreseeable future.


Red VA onions remain short and limited in supply out of CA. Commodity- Market active as Washington winds down, Mexican crossings slow and Texas start to ramp up. Quality mixed depending on region.

Peppers, red and yellow –Alert

Mixed markets on red, green and yellow peppers when looking at the production off of the east and west coast. Expect unsettled market for the next 7-10 days. Chili Peppers remain active and short in supply.

Squash Alert

Florida zucchinis are now in good supply. Yellow squash is very short supply with active markets. Mexico supplies will start to improve as more supplies start up next week.



Lemons: Supplies are good with moderate demand. Sizing is peaking on the large sizes fancy grade. Pack outs are 75-80% fancy.

Oranges: Market is steady with moderate to good demand. Color and sugar are very good. Sizing is heavy to 72’s and larger fancy grade and lighter on smaller sizes choice grade. Pack outs are 75-80% fancy.

Lime: Supplies remain tight and do not expect much availability on most sizes and grades until the end of this week. The sizing coming in is (55%) 230/250/275s with 33% being 250s. 175s and larger extremely short. #2 limes continue to remain extremely short and limited in availability.

Strawberries & Mixed Berries

Market will continue to be tight on strawberries and is anticipated to remain this way through the Easter Holiday. Mexico and Florida seasons are ending sooner than expected. Shippers are starting to transition to California being the main producing area in the coming weeks.


Supplies are light from Mexico and Central America due to growing are transitions. Active market conditions are expected as a result.