May 12, 2023

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Market Headlines


The chicken market was mixed this week and tenders continue to stay HOT.


Beef production for last week was down 6.5% year over year. Alternative proteins and or consumer price sensitivity continue to drive demand down.


The Snow crab prices are hovering at a 15-year low. So far, the fishing activity from the season is very promising and packers are busy packing. Some attractive prices are being offered for the new production.


No market changes for Shell eggs, markets have stabilized. Cheese and Butter markets remain steady; bearish overtones exist for both. Cream and Culture pricing will have nominal decreases for the month of May.

Grains / Oil

Soybean oil markets moved higher this past week. Most of the higher trading action was on Friday where the futures moved 220 points higher. Some stronger energy and some weather concerns were mostly highlighted, but traders saw a pricing opportunity and put on some long coverage. Palm oil markets were down despite lower production.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates



Local growing regions continue to contribute to supply. Market is fairly steady, and outlook is good to hold.


Market higher and volume is and quality issues at the field level is expected to improve with the better weather in the forecast.


Markets are dropping as supplies have improved on both Broccoli and Baby broccoli. Anticipate good supplies the next 7-10 days.

Cabbage – Red & Green

Market mostly steady on both red and green as Mexico wraps up and Oxnard starts to come online with volume.

Cauliflower Alert

Markets have come off this week. Product is finally sizing up due to better weather conditions. Supplies are now meeting demand.

Cilantro & Parsley

Cilantro seeing better volume and quality market steady, Parsley supplies are lighter with a few suppliers just meeting demand volume. Some yellowing reported on some lots. Italian parsley supply remains snug.


Market higher as supplies look lighter than normal for the next 2 weeks. Suppliers currently meeting demand.


Markets are high as supplies are extremely short and not meeting demand due to weather in Mexico. Expect to be short through June.

Cucumbers Alert

Markets have come off this week. Product is finally sizing up due to better weather conditions. Supplies are now meeting demand.

Green Beans

East – Supplies have been extremely light and the market very high. Demand exceeds supply. Georgia expected to see an increase production next week as more growers get started. West Supply remains extremely limited.

Green and Red leaf, Boston lettuce – Alert

Green leaf supplies have improved, and market is reacting down, Red leaf supplies remain lighter, and that market is down a bit but still elevated.


Overall good supplies with very few supply disruptions. The market remains steady.


This market remains steady, but with recent rain in south Texas may end that season early causing a slight increase in the market. Additional California supplies seem to be keeping pace with current demand.


Green bells supply very short, market very strong, and quality hit and miss. More bells should start in Georgia, but adverse weather is forecast. Red and yellow bells are short in Florida. West – Limited availability of large sizing for green and both Red and Yellow.


Suppliers are doing everything they can to stretch the storage crop out to avoid a gap between the new crop. Large sizes are very limited, and that market is trending higher, smaller sizing the market is mostly steady.

Snow/ Snap Peas

Market remains firm on moderate supplies on both snap and snow. Quality reported as good to very good.


Round, grape, and cherry markets remain steady with good quality being reported both east and west. Roma markets continue to improve with additional supply coming out of Mexico.



The market coming out of Cinco is a bit softer, but harvest levels have also decreased – meaning price points should be stable by next week.

Citrus – Alert

Lemons – Central Valley is peaking large fancy, 115/95/75. Suppliers are targeting smaller fruit in D2 Central Coast to complement the Central Valley. Small sizes are tightening up. 140ct & smaller are getting short supplies.

Oranges – Navel size structure is starting to shift. Current peak is a 72/88, grading heavier into choice. Active market on 88s,113s & 138s with rising prices.

Limes— Alert

Pricing continues to drop as more new crop limes enter the market. 110cts & 150cts continue to be in short supply, but with recent rains and warm weather, expect sizing to begin to increase.


We are in a demand exceeds supply scenario on red and green grapes as import fruit supplies have drastically declined. We can expect to be in alert status through the end of May.


Supply is very tight and will continue for the next 2 – 4 weeks. Demand is strong due to very good quality and tight supply. Expecting better supplies week 22 and will see peak in volume through week 26 followed by drop in midsummer.