November 18, 2022

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Market Headlines


Landings of head-on shrimp for peeling have slowed greatly in Texas and Louisiana. Headless Whites 10/15, 16/20, and 21/25 are still being landed but have slowed.

The Mahi-mahi market is dropping in anticipation of the new 2022/23 season. Some importers are unloading inventories at reduced costs.

Avian Influenza

A commercial egg-laying farm in Iowa tested positive for AI. It is reported that this farm housed 1.1 million birds. This latest outbreak is troubling especially given the farm’s proximity to many more egg producers.


Butter markets are increasing due to continued holiday demand. Shell eggs markets continue to increase, except in California, where markets are soft. Cheese markets rebounding as demand increases.

Grains / Oil

The soybean oil market ran higher, though stocks were reported as building. We are awaiting the EPA's announcement about allowing Canola to be used to for biodiesel. This may help relieve the price of soybean oil but will likely push Canola higher. Palm was higher on increased Chinese demand.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates



Market is unsettled, supplies remain tight in Mexico. Peru market is mostly steady but will be leaned on to cover shortcomings in the West. Supplies expected to be tight into January.


Supplies remain short and market is still firm to higher.


Supplies slightly lighter and demand slightly higher driving that market up.

Cauliflower Alert

Supplies drastically short, continued cold weather will keep more product from coming on, market extremely high.


Market mostly steady on good supplies.

Cucumbers Alert

East – Cucumber supply better, market lower.

West – Volume increasing from Mexico as the Baja region wraps up. Demand is steady. Market may adjust with Thanksgiving demand but anticipated to weaken post- holiday.

Eggplant Alert

East – Eggplant in better supply, quality good, and demand is lighter. Market declining due to pressure from out west and Mexico supplies increasing. West – Supplies improving as production has started out of the Coachella Valley and Mexico.

Green Beans Alert

East – Market high with short supply due to hurricanes. West – Volume still light and market remains demands exceeds supplies. Market should improve in December when more supply comes online.

Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine

Leaf, lettuce, Romaine holding at current high levels as they move to the Yuma growing region. Market looks to hold on to extremely high prices due to continued very light supplies with heavy demand.


Supply is improving but still very short, but cautiously optimistic they will start meet the demand. Market mostly steady.

Onions – Alert

Market is mostly steady. Larger Yellow onion sizes continue to be somewhat scarce. Reds and Whites continue to show good supplies.

Peppers –  Alert

East – Green bell supply steady, Red and Yellow extremely short, market high.

West – Increasing availability from California and Mexico is causing this market to slightly adjust. Red and Yellow extremely short, market high.


Pricing is Firm and still active. Fryers and processors continue looking to purchase product from the fresh market, pricing will remain higher than previous years.

Spring Mix/Spinach

Product remains very short as suppliers continue with the move Yuma region. Expect shortages until we fully transition South to the desert in a few weeks.


East Coast – Market increasing with cooler weather slowing production. Yellow squash short supply. West Coast – Colder weather in Mexico is slowing production down.

Expect market to rise. Yellow squash will be light for the rest of the month until Central Mexico starts.

Tomatoes – Alert

Markets are active, with rounds higher. Roma, Cherry and Grapes the market looks like it stabilizing, but remains high.

Flexibility in specification, varieties, and sizing is the best way to mitigate the impacts of this supply challenge.



Mexico continues with a strong harvest. Crop peaking on 48s and larger with a softer market. 60 ct and smaller the market is steady.

Percentage of category 2 fruit increasing, currently 12-15%.

Citrus – Alert

Lemons – Market mostly steady with good supplies out of the desert.

Oranges – CA Navels in full swing and market is adjusting. Prices are decreasing on 88’s and smaller and steady on larger sizes.

Limes- Market steady with good supplies of 110 – 175 ct. Smaller sizes 230 – 250 ct seeing a little less volume.

Strawberries – Alert

Market higher as heavy rains and frost in the California growing regions are preventing harvest creating a demand exceeds supply situation.


Good availability on all sizes and prices are mostly steady.