October 13, 2023

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Market Headlines


Cooler weather in the south have allowed bird weights to increase which is causing an increase in availability of Jumbo product (Breast and tender meat).


Imported shrimp are still seeing historic lows but are expected to level off going into the holiday season as inventory position for suppliers improves.


Shell egg markets are adjusting, with some bearish activity. Cheese markets continue to decrease. Cream and Culture pricing will have nominal increases across the country for October.

Grains / Oil

Futures, for soybean oil, finished a little lower last week, but the market was very volatile. Crude oil was weaker, the harvest is heating up, and the South American bean crop is helping to keep prices lower. Canola harvest is about done with better-than-expected overall seed harvest. Palm moved a little lower.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates



Demand continues to outpace supply. Supplies are trying to sub to alternate sizes but may still come up short. Market expected to remain active.


Market holding mostly steady as volume continues to be light and demand remains moderate.

Broccolini / Baby Broccoli Alert

Supplies have been significantly impacted due to quality issues in the field reducing yields. Expect to be in a demand exceeds supplies for a few weeks.

Cabbage – Green & Red

Supplies and quality good on both red and green. Market mostly steady on green with red up slightly.


Market has firmed up quickly. Weather has impacted growth and quality issues have impacted yields. Suppliers subbing sizes to try and fill orders.


Market holding mainly flat. Steady to slightly lighter supplies for shippers with 24 and 30 ct even tighter. Supply should be able to cover orders for the near future though by subbing sizes.

Cilantro / Parsley

Moderate to light supplies on cilantro, expect to see some quality issues and drops in yields from the recent heat. The parsley market could trend higher if recent heat impacts yield and quality. Growers still accessing the heat impact.

Lettuce and Romaine

Market is trending lower in pricing with better supply on lettuce. Good volume on Romaine, market steady as we head towards the transition. Romaine Hearts, market steady to softer.

Mushrooms – Brown

Growers are dealing with a two-week gap on brown mushrooms and supply disruption on brown mushrooms can be expected over the next two to potentially three weeks. The overall market remains steady.


Northwest harvest is starting to wind down. We anticipate being finished by the end of next week. Onion quality is excellent, and we expect a good strong storage season.

Peppers – Red & Yellow – Alert

East – All color pepper supply extremely short, and market stronger as crops move to regions impacted by past hurricanes. West – Green volume lighter as regional transitions come into play. Red and Yellow supplies good market lower.


Supplies are very good as supplies are coming in right from the field. Sizing and quality are looking good this year. Prices has begun to stabilize.

Snap Peas

Supplies are extremely light, and demand is stronger and exceeds supplies. Recent excessive heat has now compounded the issues.


East – Zucchini supply lighter, quality good, and market stronger. Yellow squash market steady, some quality and color issues around. West – Supplies increasing into next week. Market decline expected.


Markets on Round and Roma tomatoes are fairly steady, with some lower pricing for round tomatoes in the west. Grapes are slightly higher and cherries fairly steady.


Avocado Alert

Mexico – Good volume being harvested, pricing slowly dropping, however, #2 fruit will remain tight. Expect the market to stabilize and increase slightly headed into the next 2 weeks of harvest.


Supplies are very limited with Peruvian imports being down 60% from poor weather conditions. Volume will not improve until late October.

Citrus – Alert

Lemons Alert– Imported Lemons are becoming more available and will provide relief. Chilean & Mexican Lemons are peaking on smaller sizes. The desert will have more scaring than previous years due to the recent Tropical Storm.

Oranges Alert -Valencia’s are finishing up in 2 weeks. Domestic navels are looking to be about a week behind. Could see a gap if demand increases over the next weeks.

Limes Alert– Rain over the weekend in Mexico halted harvest and led to lighter supplies to start the week off. Supplies of large fruit continue to tighten up as new crop limes continue to be primarily 230ct/250ct sizes.

Grapes – Alert

Red market will climb as stored volume gets moved. Green is holding strong pending early finish as expected. For now, market has slowed.


Supplies are improving week over week now at origin. There is some port congestion on the Pacific side of Costa Rica causing delays into the west coast.