October 14, 2022

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Market Headlines


October is National Seafood Month!! This is a great time to promote shrimp, lobsters, salmon, cod, tuna, catfish, pangasius/swai, mahi-mahi, tilapia, and snow crab as specials on the menu to mark the occasion.


Current impact of the fall outbreak of Avian Influenza continues to keep markets on edge. Egg supply remains tight. We continue to see significant increases in markets resulting in higher costs for shell eggs.


PRIME, CAB PRIME, CAB graded products continue to be very difficult to find; this is driving a “mixed” price tone. As Select and No Roll grade percentages are experiencing downward pricing pressure.


Both cheese markets were higher last week with steady foodservice demand and mixed retail demand. Butter was higher despite greater availability. Eggs moved lower with improving supply. Milk was higher as stocks are building.

Grains / Oil

Higher crude oil prices, low water levels in the Mississippi River hurting exports, and lower soybean production, all led to higher soybean oil prices. The higher soybean oil prices also forced palm oil and Canola oils higher. Canola harvest is almost complete, soybeans are behind.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates



Recent rain, then excessive heat in Mexico impacting production. Expect this to turn around in few weeks. Peru volume steady to lower, but demand from the West pushing that market up.

Cabbage – Green & Red

Market mostly steady, with good supplies, but market may firm up with supplies expected to become limited.

Cauliflower Alert

Supplies still very low, demand remains high. Market remains firm.

Cilantro Alert

Market active, supplies are snug, but product availability varies by suppliers.

Cucumbers Alert

Market remains high in the West with limited supplies arriving from Baja, MX. In the East supplies have become very short with the recent hurricane winds.

Eggplant Alert

Western supplies are extremely limited. Volume will decrease in Central CA crossings into Nogales from Mexico have been very inconsistent. Eastern supply shorter as weather has reduced yields.

Field Tomato

Every major tomato growing area has been hurt by Hurricanes/Tropical Storms.

Tomato markets will remain unstable & on alert possibly through January, with Rounds, roma, cherry, and grapes all affected.

Green Beans Alert

Market is stronger with extremely limited supplies in current growing regions, market expected to continue to trend up and industry wide shortages.

Green Onions

A storm came across Mexico this past weekend with hail, flooding in fields and power outages impacting supplies and it remains in a demand exceeds supplies situation. Market higher and expected to be active.

Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine

Markets remain high as less acres are available to pack, and sizing is a challenge as many fields are harvesting early, leading to smaller sizes/lower weights.


Market active and is still in a demand exceeds supply situations and will continue for a minimum another four to six weeks. Labor, compost issues resulting in reduced yields continues to plague this category industry wide.


Markets have started to settle as the Northwest harvest wraps up in the coming days. Could see the market strengthen as growers start to pack 100% from the packing sheds instead of straight from the fields.

Peppers – Red & Yellow – Alert

Eastern green bell pepper supplies are shorter and extremely short in the West, with stronger markets. Red bells very short in the East and very light in the West. Expect markets to remain high until Mexico production starts.


The market is still settling as growers are getting down to the last few fields to harvest.


East–Market higher as Yellow and Zucchini crops are slowing down due to cooler weather at night.

West Coast – Supplies continue to increase crossing from Mexico, could see market firm up as more demand comes in from the East.

Tomatoes – Alert

The round tomato market is higher and will remain active as Florida was impacted with tremendous crop loss and in salvage mode, most will have to replant. Tennessee and North Carolina are wrapping up and the transition to Northern Florida, but availability is very limited. Mexico remains very light as well.



Market mostly steady, volume is good from Mexico, and is strong with steady demand. Peruvian arrivals continue to drop and should wrap up late October.

Citrus – Alert

Lemons –Lemon supplies are improving as new crop volume increases. Old crop is still being packed but mostly in choice grade.

Oranges– Small sizes 113 and 138 counts are limited in supply and pricing is firm.

Valencia’s continue to wind down and we could see a gap with some suppliers. New crop Navels expected to start in the coming weeks, but it will take time to fill the pipeline up.

Limes- Starting to see more availability as we inch into the new crop. Mostly 200 ct but very heavy to #2 choice grade.

Strawberries – Alert

Strawberries are still in a demand exceeds scenario, northern California districts are finishing up and are transitioning into the southern districts. The market continues to be active.


Supplies are increasing and getting back to normal levels. Market is trending lower.