October 20, 2023

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Market Headlines


Beef continues to be impacted by smaller cattle supply and reduced harvest. Packers continue to try and lock up out- front business at higher levels.


Imported shrimp are still seeing historic lows but are expected to level off going into the holiday season as inventory position for suppliers improves.


Shell egg markets are flat this week. Block markets steady, while barrel markets on the rise. Butter is steady; however indications are that the market will fall within the next couple of weeks. Cream and Culture pricing will have nominal increases across the country for October.

Grains / Oil

Last week’s USDA report showed soybean oil stocks lower, which ran the soybean oil market higher. Beans were higher. Large fund traders added some length to their overall positions helping to add to the higher market. Canola was flat with good yields, but an overall smaller crop. Palm was higher, in step with soybean oil.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both U.S. and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on U.S. market data only.

Produce Market Updates



Mexican transition and limited Peru volume due to El Nino weather have created an increasing market. Quality is excellent out of both regions. Market active.


Market coming down as volume improves and demand remains moderate.

Broccolini/Baby Broccoli Alert

Supplies have been significantly impacted due to quality issues in the field reducing yields. Expect to be in a demand exceeds supplies for another week or two.


Supplies are just covering demand. Market softer but expect it to remain active as we close in on transition. Suppliers subbing sizes to try and fill orders.


Good supplies and market is steady to softer. No issues with quality. Look for this to continue for the next couple weeks.


Cilantro and Parsley supplies and overall quality look good. Market is holding mostly steady for both.

Lettuce & Romaine

Market is trending lower in pricing and looks to be leveling out with better supply on lettuce. Good volume on Romaine, market steady as we head towards the transition. Romaine Hearts, market steady to softer.


Growers are dealing with a two-week gap on brown mushrooms and supply disruption on brown mushrooms can be expected over the next two to potentially three weeks. The overall market remains steady.


Northwest harvest is now complete. Onion quality is excellent, and we expect a good strong storage season.

Peppers Red & Yellow –  Alert

East – Green pepper supply much lighter, demand strong, quality good, and market will remain high for Georgia season. Red and Yellow bells are short supply. West – Greens in flux with desert start predicted in a week to two and Mexico delay causing shorter supply. Reds out of coastal region off peak as Baja ramps up. Yellow supply meeting demand.


Supplies are very good as supplies are coming in right from the field. Sizing and quality are looking good this year. Prices has begun to stabilize.

Snap Peas

Supplies are extremely light, and demand is stronger and exceeds supplies. Salinas region is winding down and we are 2–3 weeks away before Mexico production comes on.


East – Zucchini and yellow squash supply steady, quality is good and markets steady. Moving well at current prices. West – Good supplies, market lower, quality good.


Markets remain steady on all varieties both east and west. Markets will improve through October as volume out of Florida increases.


Avocado – Alert

Markets are higher and will remain high until the pipeline is full again, inventories are low and still recovering from the rain last week. Expect XL sizes to remain tight all seasons.


Volume is very limited due to low volume from Peru. Production will start to improve in November with Mexico increasing but will still be below normal through December. Prices are steady.

Citrus – Alert

Lemons – Lemon harvest has begun in Central California, the desert is 50/50 choice to fancy, and the coast is producing 60/40 fancy to choice, so the Central region is needed to balance. Pricing declining on fancy grade, but choice remains steady.

Oranges – The Valencia crop is winding down over the next couple weeks. 113 & 138ct size fruit is very tight, crop peaking on large fruit. Navels anticipated to start packing the week of 10/30 approximately, forecasted to peak on 88/113/72/138’s.

Limes – Supplies of large fruit continue to tighten up as new crop limes continue to be primarily 230ct/250ct sizes. As this trend continues, expect to see the price spread continue and quality to be fair.


Red continues to be least in supply, market is increasing. Predictions are supply will last through mid-November. Green grapes look better for late harvest varieties and new ads for solid quality grapes. Green market is steady.


Supplies are improving week over week now at origin. There is some port congestion on the Pacific side of Costa Rica causing delays into the west coast.