September 22, 2023

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Market Headlines


Supply chain disruptions for the
Tilapia industry are continuing
to put upward pricing pressure
on the global tilapia market.


Cooler weather in the south and
an extra day off from Labor Day
have allowed bird weights to
increase which is causing an
increase in availability of Jumbo
product (Breast meat).


Shell Egg markets steady. Cheese markets up this week, look to remain steady. Butter markets are down again this week, but still have some bullish overtones. Cream and Culture pricing will increase for most of the country, California will remain flat for September pricing.

Grains / Oil

Soybean oil futures moved lower last week with dry weather outlooks for harvesting which is about to begin. Soybean oil futures positions were liquidated by fund traders which drove soybean oil down. Canola was seen as flat last week, but crop production forecasts suggest higher Canola markets. Palm moved lower.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates



Mexican transition continues as volume has started to improve and will hit peak production mid-October. Peru shipments were down but this is expected to improve.

Baby Broccoli / Broccolini Alert

Supplies have been significantly impacted due to quality issues in the field reducing yields. Expect to be in a demand exceeds supplies for a few weeks.


Markets continue to increase while supplies are going down due to quality issues.

Brussels Sprouts

Market will continue to remain strong into this coming week with no significant changes in the supply picture.


Supplies and quality are good on both red and green. Market a little higher on green and flat on red.


Market is active and currently down on lower demand. Volume is light so it will not take much to move the market up.


As an industry, supplies are light. Quality challenges and insect damage continue to limit supply. Expect the markets to remain firm for a while.

Cilantro / Parsley 

Market steady on Italian parsley with good supplies, Curly parsley is snug and Cilantro supplies are on the tighter side due to recent heat.

Green Onion Alert

Demand is strong and the market continues to firm up. Mexico will be short for the next 4-6 weeks or longer from the storm damage. Demand is expected to exceed supplies.

Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine

Market active on lettuce as quality issues are impacting yields. Romaine supplies are good, and quality fair to good with high seeder and fringe burn noted in some fields, market mostly steady, Romaine hearts trending higher.


Harvest continues in the Northwest with favorable weather conditions. Some rains are looming in the forecast, hoping they pass without slowing harvest down. The overall market is steady.

Peppers –  Alert

East – Green pepper supply lighter, demand good, and market moving up. Red and yellow bells are in extremely short supply. West – Green supply is good but trending down, reds and yellow are showing improved volume.


Volume continues to improve as the harvest progresses. So far, quality and size are looking good for this season. Prices are lower.

Snap Peas

Supplies are very light, and demand is stronger and exceeds supplies. Better availability looks to be a few weeks away.


East – Zucchini and Yellow squash supplies are much better as new areas have started. Quality good and markets lower but could level out due to new areas in production having issues from the latest storm. West- demand is lighter, supply steady but if weather cools will decrease.


Round and Roma markets are increasing due to declining availability both east and west. Grape and cherry markets continue to improve with increased availability and normal demand.


Avocado Alert

Production is down and the market higher. The size curve is starting to even out with more 48s showing up in the pack-outs at roughly 25%. #2 fruit will remain short with only 4% of pack-out.

Citrus – Alert

Lemons Alert– Lemons Demand is high. Fancy grade and small sizes are extremely tight.

Expect supplies to be tight in September as Argentina and Chile are expected to finish at the end of this month. The desert crop is expected to start early to mid-October. Mexico is running but it is mostly standard grade fruit.

Oranges-Strong demand and tight supplies on small sizes 113-138’s, small sizes expected to remain tight through the Valencia season. Crop peaking on 72’s and larger. The market continues to strengthen on 88’s and smaller.

Limes Alert– Demand exceeds supply. Growers do not expect any relief on large sizes through September and until the key lime supply improves and lowers demand on Persian limes. New crop will start in October, but they have been impacted by summer heat, so that volume could be down also.


Demand exceeds. Pricing increasing. Red availability is diminishing rapidly. Expect requests to substitute color.


Supply continues to increase, and prices are starting to come down.