September 29, 2023

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Market Headlines


We are in a cattle supply slump with no indications of retention of heifers to this point. Meaning 2024 and 2025 could and should show less harvest ready animals in the supply chain.


Cooler weather in the south have allowed bird weights to increase which is causing an increase in availability of Jumbo product (Breast meat).


The butter market jumped up almost $.15/lb for this week and continues to increase. Markets continue to rise fast and we could see another $.30/lb moving into next week.


Shell egg markets are steady. Cheese markets are coming down fast. Butter markets are shooting up. Cream and Culture pricing will have nominal increases across the country for October.

Grains / Oil

Corn and wheat ended the week a bit higher, but the entire soybean complex moved lower. The factors driving the soybean complex are higher than expected inflation, the US harvest, lower equities, high crude oil, and a futuristic view of the South American crop (which is forecast to be huge). Canola is lower, palm is lower.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates



Cooler weather in Peru has helped production but arrivals still are not meeting historical shipments. Both east and west markets are still declining.


Market is higher as volume continues to be light and demand increases. Overall quality and appearance are good.

Broccolini/Baby Broccoli Alert

Supplies have been significantly impacted due to quality issues in the field reducing yields. Expect to be in a demand exceeds supplies for a few weeks.

Brussels Sprouts

Market will continue to remain strong into this coming week with no significant changes in the supply picture.

Cabbage – Green & Red

Supplies and quality good on both red and green. Market is mostly steady on both.


Market steady to softer with 9 ct supplies a bit lighter but demand is also soft. Quality is reported as good.


Market is active. Supplies are steady but demand is picking up, putting pressure on market pricing. Quality remains good.


Market steady on Italian parsley with good supplies, Curly parsley is snug and Cilantro supplies remain tight on stronger demand.

Green Onion Alert

Demand is strong and the market keeps creeping up. Mexico will be short for through October. Demand is expected to exceed supplies. Quality is fair to good.

Lettuce & Romaine

Market active on lettuce as quality issues are impacting yields. Romaine supplies are good, and quality fair to good with high seeder and fringe burn noted in some fields, market mostly steady, Romaine hearts trending higher.


Favorable harvest conditions prevail in the Northwest. All colors are now readily available. The overall market remains steady.

Peppers – Red & Yellow –  Alert

East – Green pepper supply is lighter, demand is good, and the market is moving up. Yellow bells are light in short supply. Reds are showing improved volume. West – Green supply is trending down, Jumbo and XL will be impacted by next week.


Supplies are very good as supplies are coming in right from the field. Sizing and quality are looking good this year. Prices are lower.

Snap Peas

Supplies are very light, and demand is stronger and exceeds supplies. Better availability looks to be a few weeks away.


East – Supplies and quality are good. Market is lower. Demand is good. West – Three districts harvest should provide ample supplies, quality is reported as good. Market is on the decline.


Out east, supply is stable with good quality fruit coming out of TN and the eastern seaboard. Out west, northern California supply continues to improve. Supply out of Mexico is also steady with no issues being reported.


Avocado Alert

Mexico -The size curve is balancing out with more 48s and larger; #2 fruit will remain short. The market is steady for 60 and smaller.


Supplies are very limited with Peruvian imports being down 60% from poor weather conditions. Volume will not improve until late October.

Citrus – Alert

Lemons Alert– Demand is high across the board. Fancy grade and small sizes are extremely tight. Imports will be finished in a couple of weeks. The desert crop (D3) is slowly ramping up with better volume coming online each week. Peaking on 140s, 115s, and 165s.

Oranges-Small sizes 113/138 remain short and expected remain short through the Valencia season. Crop peaking on 72’s and larger. The market continues to strengthen on 88’s and smaller. Imports have about 3 weeks to go before they wrap up.

Limes Alert– Market is high and expect to see further increases through October. The new bloom has been impacted by severe weather events over the last few months; availability will sharply decline.


Volume is not expected to hold through the start of import. Both Peru and Brazil are looking for an early start, but a potential to gap exists. Market expected to climb as the damaged crops are worked. Expect requests to substitute color.


Supplies are slowly building to get the demand/supply curve more in line. Quality is still good, and pricing slightly lower.