September 8, 2023

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Market Headlines


The Alaskan Red and Blue King Crab season has been canceled for the 6th year in a row.


Bird weights continue to trend lower due to the heat. Lower bird weights limit production on key items such as jumbo breasts, tenders, and wings.


With the end of “grilling season”, steak cuts and grinds should face more seasonal demand pressure. Grinds are holding their own along w/end cuts. As consumers purse strings tighten, this could lead to more demand for grinds.


Shell Egg markets steady. Cheese markets are up this week and look to remain steady. Butter markets are down again, but still have some bullish overtones. Cream and Culture pricing will increase for most of the country. California will remain flat for September pricing.

Grains / Oil

Soybean oil markets traded sideways. Traders are exiting some of their positions, driving futures lower. Weather is a concern, but the narrative has changed from improving crops to hindering harvest. Canola is struggling to make gain. Palm is slightly higher, but exports have declined, and production has increased.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both U.S. and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on U.S. market data only.

Produce Market Updates


Asparagus Alert

Transition in Mexico has begun, and hopes are that volume crossing will improve in ten days. Peru continues to be lower in average production than past years.


The market is a little active and up a bit as supplies are lighter this week and demand is stronger.

Brussels Sprouts

The market will continue to remain strong into this coming week with no significant changes in the supply picture.

Cabbage – Green & Red

Supplies and quality good on both red and green. Market a little higher on both.


Lighter supplies and active markets this week. Supplies are just meeting demand. Some suppliers are subbing sizes to fill orders.


The market is steady. Supply is good, and overall volumes are looking good over the next few weeks.


Supplies of both cilantro and parsley are good and the market is a bit softer, with fair to good quality reported.

Eggplant Alert

East – Eggplant supplies light, quality is hit or miss. Demand remains good, and the market is moving well with good quality. West – Cooler temperatures causing short supply, shortage expected to persist. The market is higher.

Green Onions Alert

The market steady and remains elevated, another storm passed through Baja impacting crews and the ability to harvest. In addition, the weather has slowed down growth keeping supplies very tight.

Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine

The market on lettuce coming off a bit supplies look better this week for most suppliers, a few growers are snug the front part of the week. Still some lighter weights reported but overall quality is good. Romaine supplies are good, and quality fair to good, market mostly steady.


This market is steady. Quality, due to the recent wet weather, has more external discoloration (staining) is present in some of the early onion lots.

Peppers Chilies

East – Supplies are in and out; quality is good, demand is good, and markets remain high for most varieties. West – Jalapeno showing better supplies, while others remain limited. Quality is good to fair.

Peppers – Red & Yellow –  Alert

East – Green pepper supply is very light, demand good, and quality very good. Red and yellow bells are in extremely short supply. West – Green supply is good, red is improving and yellow remains limited.


East – Zucchini and Yellow squash supplies are light. Quality is good, demand is strong market steady at current prices. The West has moderate supplies with good demand. Yellow condition is fair.


Round and Roma markets remain stable on normal demand. Grape and cherry markets have improved slightly vs previous weeks.


Avocado Alert

Supplies are tight on 40s and larger and market is high. The market on 48s declined last week and expected to hold steady for a bit, 60s/70s/84s is expected to remain flat. All #2 fruit is short in supply.

Citrus – Alert

Lemons – Alert Lemons Demand is high. Fancy grade and small sizes are extremely tight.

Expect supplies to be tight in September as Argentina and Chile are expected to finish early this season. The desert crop is expected to start early to mid–October.

Oranges – Strong demand and tight supplies on small sizes 113–138’s, small sizes expected to remain tight through the Valencia season. Crop peaking on 72’s and larger. The market continues to strengthen on 88’s and smaller.

Limes – Alert Still limited supplies of good quality on 110–175’s, most of the volume is in 230–250s, demand has slowed but in response to the higher prices.


Grower/Shippers are invoking Act of God Force majeure due to the aftermath of Hurricane Hillary. Quality will start to become more of an issue in the coming weeks. Subbing to alternate colors may be needed to fill orders.


Supplies will remain tight through September and into October. The market has eased off as demand has fallen.