January 6, 2022

Market Headlines

Frozen Potatoes

Cattle supplies for Q1  are forecast to be tighter than the industry has experienced since Q1 2019. There is no reason to expect the packer competition won’t push cash cattle prices even higher in Q1.

Rising costs and inflation persists in most seafood categories as 85% of the seafood consumed in the U.S.A. are imported.



Mushrooms are in a dire state. Limited availability and high prices continue to plague the industry.





Butts saw continued support due to the short harvest week. Expect concessions soon and for them to move with seasonal expectations. Hams moved lower as extra inventory for hams is forcing the market lower. Bellies also are seeing support because of the short harvest week tightening up availability.


The natural, mozzarella, and processed cheese markets are higher with lower production. Increased butter markets are causing the cream market to move higher. The egg markets are down with lackluster demand and good supplies.

Grains / Oil

Soybean oil markets moved higher over the last couple of weeks due to demand increases, higher crude oil, much higher palm oil, and a consistently high Canola market. Also aiding in the upward move was dryer weather in South America as their crop of beans is moving toward their harvest, but the crop is still expected to be good.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates



Market is active. Mexico volume is very tight due to cold weather. Peru volume declining. Quality is good.

Avocados –Alert

Strong demand with active markets due to harvest disruptions from the back-to-back holiday weeks. Once we move past the holiday weeks, look for improving supplies. Stronger harvest will begin after the Epiphany holiday as the industry ramps up for Super Bowl promotions.

Broccoli and Cauliflower-Alert

Broccoli and Cauliflower remains unsettled out both Mexico and CA as rain events out of CA has disrupted supply for some suppliers. Cauliflower is very active as yields have dropped considerably from the previous
weeks. Baby broccoli and broccolini has become challenged as well due to rain events in the growing regions. Expect disruptions in supplies for the next 7-10 days.

Bell Peppers Red and Yellow-Alert

Red and yellow supplies light in Florida and pricing still high. Mexico production is short due to cold weather causing short term shortages.

Brussels Sprouts-Alert

Market continues to be very short and limited in supply. Cold and freezing temperatures out of Mexico have delayed the start of their season. The Salinas season was impacted by heavy rainfall and insect pressure that reduced yields considerably. Relief is not expected until the start of February.


Snack pack size will remain limited through the end of the school year 2022. Sizing for some suppliers is also now an issue with less baby peeled being available.

Celery –Alert

Value Added celery(diced, sticks) is under and demand exceed supply situation due to capacity constraints. Commodity celery is now active as less overall supply is available.

Green Beans

Florida harvesting in multiple regions, quality is hit and miss within the state. Demand is sluggish a result of post-holiday markets. Expect higher pricing on good quality beans. Mexico volume steady with moderate demand after the holiday and lack of promotions. Market anticipated to get stronger going into the weekend.

Green Onions –Alert

Following the back-to-back holiday weeks, coupled with lack of labor and colder weather in the growing regions, green onions are very short and limited in supply as result. Market to be active for the next 2-3 weeks.


Out East, Florida production has transitioned from Ruskin/Palmetto in Central Florida to Immokalee/Homestead/ Naples in South Florida, Cooler, Wet weather slowed the transition somewhat. Out West, Mexican production has shifted over to Nogales crossings for the start of their winter deals, Supplies will improve as we move further into January.


Demand continues to outpace available supply on all mushrooms. Supplies remain impacting diced, sliced and whole peeled packs. Supplies remain challenged and the lack of available peat moss for production needs continues to be a major concern. Improvements not expected for the foreseeable future.

Processed Onions-Alert

Capacity issues on both demand outpacing available supply and production availability impacting diced, sliced and whole peeled packs.


Super colossal and colossal yellow are very tight with potential subbing. Red onions both sizes are tight as well.

Hot House-Alert

Cucumbers a little tighter and are heavy for mediums. Wild Wonders and Campari tomatoes
tight and prorates expected.



Cantaloupes- Honeydews

Cantaloupe supplies are steady with all sizes available, demand is good, prices are steady, good quality and sugar. Honeydews are still in lighter supply from Mexico and Central America. All sizes re available. Prices are steady.


Supplies are very limited due to the end of the California season and delays at the ports on Imports. We are hoping supplies will improve by the end of the month.

Lemons, Oranges and Limes-Alert

California season and delays at the ports on Oranges and Lemons- Due to the inability to harvest as a result of back-to-back rain Imports. We are hoping supplies will improve by over the past few weeks, lemons and oranges are very limited and some substitutions the end of the month. of size may occur. Limes- Supplies are extremely short, strong retail demand, along with shortages due to labor and holiday packing schedule. This will continue next week as limited harvest for the next 10 days.