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Available in two delicious varieties:

Ube and Yuzu

Free from GMOs and any artificial additives, these creamy, rich, individually sized cheesecakes are made with better-for-you ingredients and the latest on-trend and unique emerging flavors. Serve these treats as is or customize and plate with different sauces, fruits, and garnishes.

Yuzu Cheesecake 

Crafted with tart, citrusy Yuzu juice sourced directly from Japan, lychee purée, a touch of kaffir lime leaf and lemongrass, this smooth, creamy cheesecake is also topped with a zesty, bright blend of Yuzu curd and lychee purée to create an elegant dessert with layers of flavor.

SUPC 7282936  |  32/4.03 OZ

Ube Cheesecake 

Velvety in texture with a naturally rich, nutty vanilla-like flavor, this beautiful cheesecake is made with real Ube to create a naturally vivid violet top layer, complemented by a crustless bottom layer of vanilla cheesecake.

SUPC 7282952 | 32/4.03 OZ

Why We Love This

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  • Unique, on-trend global flavors – A cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange, Yuzu has a tart flavor profile while Ube has a distinctive, nutty, vanilla-like flavor. Each features a complex, layered taste that easily elevates these cheesecakes to a premium, gourmet dessert
  • Free of GMOs, artificial flavors and additives, these clean label products are made with better-for-you, high quality ingredients including sustainable oils, cage free eggs, 100% pure cane sugar, and rBst free dairy
  • Great Profitability – Easy to dress up with syrups, sauces, fruits, and other garnishes to feature at a higher price point
  • Labor Saver – Minimal prep required, just thaw and serve. Cheesecakes hold 10 days covered in refrigeration
  • These cheesecakes travel well, making them great for delivery and takeout
  • Individual format is ideal for catering – dessert stations, banquet and buffet tables, plated events
  • Crustless, these desserts are a great gluten free option