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Available in 3 delicious varieties –

Bulgogi, Miso-Mustard, and Tandoori

Crafted by chefs and made with premium, carefully selected ingredients, these sauces remain shelf-stable even after opening, and are some of the most versatile and simplest starters to keep on hand for glazes, sauces, condiments, or marinades, adding a deep, dynamic layer of flavor without overpowering any recipe.

Bulgogi – Korean BBQ-inspired, tangy, sweet sauce made with soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and vinegar

SUPC 7283258 | 1/12 LB

Miso-Mustard – Umami forward with a touch of mustard to add a zesty flavor

SUPC 7283257 | 1/12 LB

Tandoori – Features the subtle notes of curry with a blend of aromatic spices

SUPC 7283253 | 1/12 LB

Why We Love This

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  • Crafted by Chefs and made with premium, carefully selected, clean label ingredients.
  • On-Trend flavor – Meets growing consumer demand for global and ethnic cuisines.
  • Time and Labor Saver – Speed scratch solution removes the need for skilled labor and saves valuable time in the kitchen.
  • Versatility – Blank canvas for use in soups, marinades, as a protein rub or sauce starter.
  • Consistency – Produces a consistent product each and every time, versus products made in house where variances can occur.
  • Reduces Inventory – No need to carry extra ingredients in house for one sauce.
  • Innovative aseptic BiB with easy access dispenser spigot. Shelf stable for 18 months.
  • Reduces Waste – These sauces are 100% usable product.