Learn More About Sysco Plant Based Options

At Sysco, we are proud to provide resources to help educate and inform you regarding Plant Based alternatives.

Plant Based Options

Sysco has expanded their plant based offerings as more consumers go green and pile their plates with plants.

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Plant based healthy food

Sustainable Agriculture

By choosing Sysco Brand canned and frozen fruits & vegetables, our customers are serving great meals today and committing to a more sustainable future.

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Plant based sustainable agriculture – sourcing with a purpose

Pick a Side

Patrons want to pick and choose their own sides – treating them almost like shared small plates or tapas.

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Plant based appetizers

Can Healthy Options Offer a Healthy Cash Flow?

Operators who capitalize on Plant Based trends can appeal to a broader market of consumers while introducing new options to existing diners.

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Plant based meals increasing revenues

Meet Meatless Grilling

50% of consumers want restaurants to offer a wider variety of vegetarian entrees. Enhance your meatless menu with vegetables that can own the spotlight at the center of the plate.

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Plant based vegetables

10 Reasons to Put More Plants on the Menu

Chefs and diners have become obsessed with plants – and not just in vegan or vegetarian applications.

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Plant based meal creation

Sysco Simply

Sysco Simply Plant Based features plant based dining products, including vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, and plant based protein options.

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Sysco simply plant based