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Use Keystone for a Spotless Kitchen and Bathroom

Maintaining a pristine restaurant is key to creating a positive dining experience for your customers.

Two chefs inspect clean dishes in a restaurant kitchen.

In recent surveys, consumers rated restaurant kitchen and bathroom cleanliness to be as important as the food served. Sysco’s Keystone brand, a partnership of Sysco and Ecolab, combines both companies’ strengths to deliver essential cleaning products that save time, cost and labor for your operation. Here are five ways Keystone can help you keep your facility spotless for your diners and staff.

1. Clean and Safe Floors

A dirty, slippery restaurant kitchen or bathroom floor is not only off-putting but also dangerous. And it is one of the most challenging back-of-house areas for operators. Keystone Sanitizing Wash ‘n Walk is a mop-on floor cleaner that doesn’t require rinsing, saving both water and time. Wash ‘n Walk’s bio-based enzymes break down oil and grease, and its nonslip formula keeps working longer than most cleaners.

2. The Fryer and the Flattop

Keeping the fryer and grill clean is crucial: It limits the transfer of flavors and smells and increases the life of your cooking oil. For the grill, Keystone Greaselift is a PPE-free product, which means personal protective equipment like gloves and goggles are not necessary. With Keystone Express Fryer Cleaner, there is no hot liquid involved, and it’s quicker than doing an entire boil-out. It’s also noncaustic and safe on aluminum.

3. Perfect Tableware

Sparkling (or spotted and dull) tableware is one of the first things diners notice when being seated at a restaurant, setting the tone for the meal. With the Keystone Dishmachine Program, operators can choose between single- and double-door machines with glass washers and high-temperature sanitizing. A state-of-the-art control system helps manage total cost and gives consistent cleaning results.

4. Handwashing Magic

From the front to back of house, handwashing is critical. Keystone Nexa Handcare System is a perfect solution. An easy-to-use leakproof capsule, the soap is designed to ensure that every drop is used.

5. The Restroom Fix

Keystone has a complete array of solutions for bathroom cleanliness, including floor cleaners, air fresheners, hand soaps and bleach disinfectants. With Keystone, operators can achieve a unified branded look. And most importantly, Keystone Peroxide Disinfectant and Glass Cleaner and Keystone Bleach Disinfectant Cleaner are the best in the industry.

Keep your kitchen clean with Keystone. Ask your Sysco Sales Consultant about which products would work best for your business.