Sustainable Agriculture - Sourcing with purpose

Committed to the Future

Sysco’s Sustainable Agriculture program involves 125 processing plants and more than 11,000 growers covering over 1.3 million acres devoted to Sysco Brand agricultural products worldwide. By choosing Sysco Brand canned and frozen fruits & vegetables, Sysco customers aren’t only serving great meals today – they’re serving a commitment to a more sustainable future.

Our approach to sustainable agriculture is anchored in five key pillars:

1) Responsible Use of Agricultural Inputs

Encourage the responsible use of agricultural inputs such as fertilizer, pesticides, and other nutrients to ensure plentiful crops and healthy ecosystems for generations to come.

Sysco's Sustainable Agriculture Program encourages responsible use of fertilizers and pesticides.

2) Protecting Air, Water & Soil

Support practices that improve air, water and soil health to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower the environmental impact of growers’ farming practices.

Sysco's Sustainable Agriculture Program protects the air, water and soil.

3) Promoting Waste Reduction

Promote waste reduction strategies to minimize landfill waste.

Sysco's Sustainable Agriculture Program minimizes landfill waste

4) Using Renewable Energy

Evaluate new approaches and technologies that promote energy and fuel conservation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Sysco's Sustainable Agriculture Program promotes renewable energy

5) Preserving Nature

Promote economically viable practices to protect sensitive areas and create habitats for wildlife and pollinators.

Sysco's Sustainable Agriculture Program preserves the nature

Sourcing with Purpose

Browse our Sustainable Agriculture brochure to learn more about how we partner with growers and suppliers of Sysco Brand canned and frozen fruits & vegetables to improve agricultural farming practices across the industry

Tomatoes sourced from the Sustainable Agriculture

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The people who grow and produce our fruits and vegetables are making it easier for our customers to do good things and keep good, wholesome food coming out of their kitchens. That’s something everyone can get behind. 

Senior Director, Food Safety/Quality Assurance


Dig Into Sustainable Potatoes

Sustainable Agriculture In Action: R.D. Offutt Farms

R.D. Offutt Farms has planted over 675 acres of pollinator seed to date in support habitat for bees, monarch butterflies, and other pollinators in partnership with Syngenta, Pheasants Forever and the National Potato Council. The farm has plans to plant an additional 200 acres per year.
Potatoes sourced from the Sysco's Sustainable Agriculture Program

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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