Fun Brunch Ideas


Invite your guests to channel their inner chef with a customizable donut station! Mix and match modern and traditional filling options for a gourmet twist. Finish off with flavorful frostings, glazes or icing. Consider fillings such as cannoli, apple, blueberry or cherry and toppings like marshmallow crème or peanut butter.


The latest health-conscious trend is breakfast bowls. Whether sweet or savory, bowls open up a world of possibilities for different tastes and dietary needs. Bowls can be based in a variety of ways including rice, yogurt and even meats. Cross utilize other menu items to make them into brunch bowls. They are the perfect template for experimentation, offering an endless combination of new flavors and seasonal ingredients. Present a themed or featured bowl for Easter, Mother’s Day or Spring on your brunch menu. 


Level up your traditional bacon offering by serving bacon flights. Include eye-catching varieties with exceptional flavors and infused bacon options. Create your own signature bacon flavor. Think chocolate, pecan praline, ghost pepper or chipotle. The possibilities are endless. 


Smaller sized brunch bites can be featured as an appetizer-sold by the count (dozen or half-dozen) and shared at the table. Selections could include: mini-muffins, mini quiche, mini breakfast pizzas, puff pastry cups or hash brown cups. 


Smoothies can be a versatile brunch offering that can appeal to the health-conscious or those with certain dietary restrictions. Build Your Own Smoothie options can start with base ingredients and include an additional charge for certain add-in items.  Maximize your profits by utilizing fruits offered in other dishes to create the smoothies. Promote a special or themed smoothie of the day or week.