Making Brunch as Profitable as Possible

Menus & Marketing 

Sysco Marketing Services has you covered for all your brunch marketing needs. 

After finalizing your brunch strategy, it’s time to market the brunch menu you have in place. Sysco Marketing Services is excited to provide our marketing tips, tricks and services designed to take the work off of you, and allow you to focus on what you do best; serving your patrons with great food & great service!  


Identify items that have high profit margins, shorter prep times, and transport easily while sustaining their quality. Review the 4P’s (Profitability, Preparation, Portability, Popularity) of menu engineering that guides your customers to the most profitable items on your menu. Create an easy ordering experience with a mobile device friendly platform encouraging customers to visit again.  

Spread the Word 

Communicate often and market via all of your social media platforms. This is key to reaching your current customers and attracting new ones. To generate excitement, post photos of your new feature items.  


Always make your signage visible. Think about patio easels, sidewalk signs, and banners. This allows you to be seen by people passing by on the sidewalk or in their car. Sysco is here to help create these. “The bigger the better” for your signage is always more impactful!