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Add These Fresh Fish to Your Menu

These versatile finfish lend themselves to a variety of preparations.

This fall, experiment with these seasonal finfish varieties in some hearty comfort food favorites.


Pollock is a firm fish with a slightly higher oil content than most of its codfish cousins. Portico pollock is lean, moist and flakes beautifully. It adapts well to most cooking techniques, including grilling, but is most often used in breaded applications. This plentiful, mildly flavored fish freezes remarkably well, especially as single serving fillets.


With its perfect flakes and firm but tender flesh, cod is the highest-prized fish among the entire whitefish category. The mild, slightly sweet flavor of cod is delicious enough to stand on its own with nothing but a squeeze of lemon, but also pairs well with other seasonings. Frequently battered and fried, cod fillets also bake, broil and steam beautifully.


Widely used as the key ingredient of the British classic fish and chips, haddock is a superior quality whitefish found in the North Atlantic. Sometimes called “scrod,” haddock is part of the cod family and shares many of the qualities cod is prized for—firm but tender flesh, a delicate flake, and a slight sweetness. Haddock bakes and broils well and makes a surprisingly good addition to fish stews.

Wild Salmon

With five different varieties, Sockeye, Coho, Keta (or Chum), King and Pink, wild Alaska salmon allows you to easily cater your dish to the most suitable species, meeting the needs of any consumer. Wild salmon is prized around the world for its superior flavor and texture and can be grilled, poached, baked or sautéed. In the colder months, try using frozen wild salmon in chowder.