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Time to Talk Chicken

Fresh jumbo breast that can be broken down into multiple cuts to prepared items that provide labor-savings and flavor customizations

Made from Scratch

Fresh chicken allows for versatility in recipe innovation but it doesn’t mean storing multiple products. Our Sysco Jumbo Chicken Breast can be broken down to create a wide range of menu applications. Pair your different cut applications with Sysco Imperial McCormick Spices for a flavor elevation.

  1. Filet: Chicken breast entrée, fried chicken sandwich, fajitas
  2. Strips: Breaded chicken breast strips, pot stickers, fajita strips
  3. Chunks: Kabobs, boneless wings, popcorn chicken
  4. Ingredients: Pop pie, stir fry, chili, chicken stock (fat renderings)

Dont’ forget the veggies! Punch up your plate with pairing of vegetables to add great color and vibrant flavor profiles to your dish.

Made for Convenience

Breaded chicken tenders and boneless wings are a crowd pleaser for consumers and a labor saver for back of the house. Tied with less risk for cross-contamination, it’s a recipe for success!

Boneless Wings

Add your own flavor twist with a bare base. Try tossing Sysco Classic Naked Boneless Wings in BBQ sauce, chipotle maple sauce or lemon pepper seasoning.

Also available in readymade flavor profiles, elevate your menu options with less labor for back of the house with Sysco Classic Breaded Boneless Wings.

Chicken Tenders

Crispy, flavorful Tyson® Chicken TwistsTM are tender, marinated chicken breast strips coated with crunchy breading, delivered in unique, fun and snackable shapes. With a bold taste and 12 grams of protein per serving, they deliver an innovative and versatile menu selection that can be served as an appetizer, small plate, entrée topper or side. 

Available in the following varieties:

  1. Homestyle: The breading gives these the appearance of a hand-made product without the extra prep work.
  2. Original or Golden: Fine crumb breading creates a smooth texture. Try giving guests a sauce trio option for an added value.
  3. Pretzel Chicken Twists: Add a crunchy bite to your menu with these sweet and salty twists. Add to a flatbread or pile high for a sandwich application.

Kick Up the Flavor

Customization is king. Offer customers the option to customize their chicken flavors with a variety of sauces on the side. Focus on sweet, tangy, and spicy flavor combinations!

Wing Sauce Flavor Ideas

  • Asian Spice
  • Sweet Teriyaki
  • Korean Chile
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Hickoty Barbeque

Dipping Sauce Flavor Ideas

  • Jalapeño Ranch
  • Sriracha Sauce
  • Southwest Chipotle
  • Curry Ketchup