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Portico Seafood. Bringing the Future of Sustainable Alaskan Seafood to the Table. 

A fishing boat glides on the water, framed by majestic mountains in the background.

With diners increasingly seeking responsibly sourced menu options, chefs across the country are looking for seafood that tastes incredible and does right by the planet. That’s why our Portico Seafood brand is proud to partner with Trident Seafoods—a trusted supplier dedicated to exceptional quality and responsible sourcing, to deliver the finest seafood. 

At Sysco, we are working to drive positive impacts across our supply chain and to minimize waste and harm to the environment. We know our customers care deeply about sourcing ethically and you can feel confident knowing Portico Seafood exceeds the highest standards for quality, sustainability, and traceability. 

Strengthening the bond with the ocean and each other 

So how do we do this? Trident is using advanced tracking systems that pinpoint catch locations and times, providing full transparency from ocean to plate. Slashing waste and energy consumption at plants. Reducing the transportation impact, using 1,766 fewer containers, and implementing eco-friendly logistics.  

And the taste? Simply outstanding. Alaska’s icy, pristine waters produce seafood with unparalleled freshness, texture, and flavor. Beyond sustainability, consistency and quality are unmatched. From wild caught salmon to succulent pollock caught in the Bering Sea, chefs will love working with seafood of such high caliber. A true win-win, they can serve delicious and healthy meals today while also serving a commitment to a better tomorrow.  

A man in a black hoodie holding a fish, showcasing his catch of the day with pride.

The Power of Partnership 

Our partners have exclusive access to some of the planet’s most pristine and well managed fisheries. Trident works closely with organizations like the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the National Marine Fisheries Service to ensure healthy, abundant fisheries for generations to come.   

Their dedication to responsible, sustainable fishing is also evident in their meticulous management of North Pacific and Pacific fisheries. Under global industry-leading standards, they ensure all aspects adhere to the highest accountability and enforcement measures, guaranteeing precise tracking of vessels, harvest locations, time data, and species. 

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for Sysco. Achieving near-zero waste, developing innovative products, and incorporating robust monitoring, Trident showcases an unwavering dedication to sustainable practices, and these commitments matter to us, our customers, and their diners. Together, we can grow and secure a truly sustainable future, ensuring the highest quality seafood and fisheries that remain sustainable for the long haul. 

Sysco is building an industry leading assortment of sustainable products backed by best-in-class sustainability certifications and standards. Built on shared values and a commitment to sustainability, the partnership between Trident and Sysco promises a thriving future that benefits foodservice customers while safeguarding oceans and the communities that depend on them.