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Brand Spotlight

Buckhead Pride/Newport Pride: Quality in Every Cut

Get the quality beef you need with every perfectly portioned cut from Sysco’s specialty meat brand, Buckhead Pride/Newport Pride. 

Hungry for a craftsman’s approach 

North America’s appetite for meat continues to grow. Sales of meat are forecast to climb 0.9 percent annually and will exceed $100 billion in sales by 2019. In the United States, we consume 79 pounds of beef per person per year, putting us fourth behind Uruguay, Argentina and Hong Kong. And it’s not just a great steak we’re after. Customers are looking to differentiate through specialty menu items, such as a 60-ounce tomahawk rib-eye. Buckhead Pride (on the Eastern part of the United States) and Newport Pride (on the Western side) offer those specialty meat items in a variety of levels to meet our customers’ needs, from Select to Choice to Prime. USDA graders at every location inspect meat for marbling and other measures of quality to ensure our products line up with grading standards. 

Artisanal-style meats delivered to your door

Just as artisan meat cutters have always done, Buckhead Pride/Newport Pride specializes in the craft of hand-trimming and hand-cutting steaks and chops. Buckhead/Newport delivers small boxes multiple times per week to restaurants both large and small, tailored to any specification and sourced from the best farms and packers. 

We age all our meats 21 days prior to creating any customized steak offering. Wet-aging creates a tenderness you can only get with careful attention to detail. Dry-aged steaks are first wet-aged for 21 days, and then placed in our dry-aging rooms for another 20, 60 or even 90 days, depending on the product. Dry aging magnifies the deep beefy flavor to create the ultimate meat-eating experience. And aging has to be done right, with the correct balance of moisture and air circulation. We age our beef in a dark room, a replica of the aging process used by butchers in the 19th century, but modernized for safety control. That attention to detail is the difference between an ordinary butcher and a skilled craftsman. With Buckhead Pride/Newport Pride, you can taste the difference.

Sourcing the best beef for your kitchen

Buckhead Pride/Newport Pride works with small farms all over the country to get the most sought-after cuts, such as Kobe-style beef, heirloom pork, wild game and custom blends in beef patties, such as a chuck, short rib and brisket blend. 

With national distribution from Maine  to California, Buckhead Pride/Newport Pride can service every kind of operation, from large restaurant groups to smaller independent operators. Our sourcing, aging and hand selection along with precise portion cutting ensure that our customers get the consistency and quality they desire in every delivery. 

Sysco Brand QA Promise

Our Sysco Brand products meet the most exacting standards for safety, reliability and quality. All Sysco brands are backed by the largest Quality Assurance team in the industry.

Fresh new look, Same great brands

You may notice that our brands look a little different. Driven by our companywide commitment to more sustainable operations, and new FDA regulations on clear and clean labeling, our products’ packaging now features a fresh new look. Rest assured that no matter what changes on the outside, the quality and consistency you’ve come to rely on remain the same.