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Brand Spotlight

Butcher’s Block: Flavor and Flexibility

With high-quality products that fit any menu, Sysco’s Butcher’s Block specialty meat brand is distinguished by its consistency and flexibility.

Meat Is Having a Moment

Steakhouses never go out of style, but almost all restaurants—about 92 percent of operators—serve some variety of beef. About 91 percent also serve pork. The meat market is booming, along with the number of butchers, and it’s more important than ever to have dependable center-of-the-plate proteins. Fortunately, Butcher’s Block has more than 1,700 meat products to choose from, including pork chops and 21-day aged beef rib and loin cuts.

Quality That Is Guaranteed

To ensure unmatched tenderness and flavor, beef products are aged to perfection. All Butcher’s Block beef products are USDA-inspected and rated, from USDA Select up to USDA Prime. Products also must meet the expectations of Sysco’s quality assurance process, the most stringent in the food service industry. And Sysco’s supply chain is both reliable and transparent.

Count on Consistency

Butcher’s Block products are small-boxed, making them easier to store and transport, as well as more affordable for customers.

The quality of Butcher’s Block products is as consistent as their specialty sizing, and the packaging is always right for the customer. Meats arrive with consistent portioning every time—ready for the grill or oven, requiring minimal prep work from restaurant operators.

For Every Menu

Whether it’s a fillet for the holidays, a tender Butcher’s Block boneless rib-eye or a flavorful pork tenderloin, Butcher’s Block meats are endlessly adaptable for a variety of menus and cuisines. The products can be used for Korean barbecue, lamb gyros, classic steaks and everything in between, and Sysco’s culinary team of chefs is on hand to help with recipe ideas that showcase this versatility.

Best in Class

Depending on menu, budget and ambition, operators can choose products from several distinct tiers of Butcher’s Block products. Butcher’s Block Prime Pork is brined and larded, which adds flavor and increases the marbling of the meat. And Butcher’s Block Reserve specializes in premium meats, including the highest-quality beef, lamb and veal Sysco has to offer—for steakhouses and restaurants looking to wow consumers with top-tier cuts.

The Perfect Cut

The best butchers are experts at a craft that prides itself on attention to detail and quality. Butcher’s Block holds to those same values. Our high-quality cuts are the result of expertise at every step of the way, from the ranch to your table.

Ask your Sales Consultant about Butcher’s Block meats for your menu.

Sysco Brand QA Promise

Our Sysco Brand products meet the most exacting standards for safety, reliability and quality. All Sysco brands are backed by the largest Quality Assurance team in the industry.