Product Summary

Originating from the Basque country of Spain, Basque Cheesecake does not have a traditional crust. This cheesecake is baked at a high temperature to form a delicious, caramelized exterior that serves as a natural crust, which encompasses the entire cheesecake protecting the smooth, creamy interior.  Crafted with real cream cheese, a touch of heavy cream, and cage-free eggs, our soufflé’d cheesecake is the lightest and most delectable of all cheesecakes.

Features and Benefits

  • With only six ingredients, this better-for-you cheesecake satisfies the demand for simple ingredients products that consumers are craving.
  • This unique dessert works well in a variety of applications from dine-in, off-premise dining, pairing options, themed events, catering and more.
  • This dessert is perfect for busy kitchens and caterers as the product is thaw and serve requiring virtually no labor.
  • Delicious as-is, this cheesecake also allows you to create a signature dessert by adding your own sauces or toppings.