Product Summary

The Sustainable Agave Company Sustainable Agave Straws are the perfect alternative to plastic straws. Made from the residual agave fibers that go unused during tequila production, this bio-based drinking straw is certified biodegradable and compostable. This eco-friendly straw mimics the feel and texture of plastic straws. Serve with a wide variety of beverages from cocktails to shakes with a minimal environmental impact that will result in an experience your guests will feel good about.

Features & Benefits

  • Individually wrapped bio-based drinking straws are made from post-production agave fibers, giving them strength and durability.
  • This sturdy straw holds firm in both hot or cold beverages without losing its structural integrity.
  • Provide your guests with an eco-friendly option. Sustainable Agave Straws are completely natural and 100% renewable making them a great alternative to plastic straws.
  • Made from sustainable sources, these plastic-free straws will not pollute our oceans or landfills.