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Mask Face 3 Ply Disposable

  • Suitable for most faces. No need to worry about finding the correct size as this mask is close fitting and adapts to the contour of most faces.
  • Fatigue Resistant. The straps are designed to eliminate ear pain; even after long durations of wear.
  • Hypoallergenic. This mask is formulated to mitigate skin irritation.
  • Adjustable Nose Clip to seal the nose bridge, preventing harmful airborne particulate matters and aerosols from penetration, and avoiding foggy glasses.
  • Disposable.  No need to worry if the mask has been sanitized after a previous use as they are disposable and designed not to be reused.
  • Brand: Packer
3-Ply Disposable Masks - Sysco Essential Sanitation Products

Vinyl Foodservice Powder-Free Gloves

High-performance, disposable vinyl gloves fit comfortably to help reduce hand fatigue and improve dexterity.  The gloves are ideal for food preparation.

  • 10/100-count packages
  • Offered in medium, large and extra-large sizes
  • Resists tears and punctures
  • Free from latex and powder to reduce possibility of allergic reactions
  • Case dimensions are 11.0 inches long by 10.0 inches wide by 9.4 inches high
  • Brand: Packer
Vinyl Powder-Free Gloves - Sysco Essential Sanitation Products

Kit Cutlery Heavy Knife, Fork, Spoon and Napkin

Each individually wrapped kit includes knife, fork, spoon, and napkin making them perfect for off-premise dining and an alternative solution for dine-in service.

  • Durable, heat-resistant black heavyweight polypropylene construction that offers sturdy performance
  • Full-length cutlery with handles designed for improved strength, grip, and style
  • Perfect for all temperature ranges of food from frozen to hot
  • Case measures 16 inches long by 13.3 inches wide by 12.1 inches high
  • Brand: Packer
Kit Cutlery - Sysco Essential Sanitation Products

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