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User our tips, tools and resources to instill confidence in your campers

Some camps are starting to take reservations and are limiting the number of campers. The camps will be practicing public health measures and most activities will be outside. As camps begin to reopen, they are still expected to comply with food and health codes while adhering to social distancing practices. Use our tips, tools and resources to instill confidence in your campers.

  • Provide staff with disposable gloves, face masks and alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Train staff on proper hand washing and control procedures implemented by the camp
  • Post signs reminding diners of the guidelines such as washing hands, maintaining social distance, using assigned seats, etc
  • Encourage campers to maintain in physical distancing between themselves and others while in line for their meals. Place decals on floors six feet apart to denote where to stand while in line. Sysco’s Concierge Services can help with your menu. Click HERE to learn more
  • Use disposable utensils and dishes as often as possible. Ensure all non-disposable food service items are handled with gloves. Individuals should wash their hands after removing their gloves or after directly handling any food related items

What changes have you made to accommodate your dining room reconfiguration? Here is information about what you can do to make your space safer.

  • Expand the dining space to allow diners to maintain physical distance. Encourage outdoor dining
  • Offer multiple meal times in an expanded window in order to decrease the number of diners in the dining area at a time. Clean and disinfect the dining area between meal times
  • Decrease the occupancy density by half. For example, if a table typically seats eight, use only four seats at that table
  • Assign seats to diners for two weeks at a time so they occupy the same seat at each meal
  • Make stations available for diners to wash their hands with soap and water prior to eating. Station dispensers of alcohol-based hand sanitizer at the entrance of the dining room
  • Remove decorative objects, flyers, and materials from tables and counters to allow for effective cleaning and sanitation
  • Discontinue use of beverage dispensers (e.g., fountain drinks, dispensers, common milk pitchers, etc.). Arrange bottles of beverage choices along a table or counter for diners to retrieve
  • Avoid buffet style, salad bars, self-service, table, counter food service, and other configurations that require diners to use shared utensils
  • Offer grab-n-go services (pre-packaged bags or boxes), in which meals are packaged or assembled on a tray for diners to retrieve
  • Discontinue use of condiment dispensers. Offer small individual filled containers alongside the prepared meals